Balance (15/04/08)

Sebille was rather tired. It felt like she hadn't gotten a moments' peace ever since Fenrir's brother had arrived. Wherever she went in the house, someone was bound to be around... or come around sooner or later.

At least Null was here now. When she was with him, nobody bothered her.

"I haven't seen you around lately..."

He didn't answer nor look at her.
This still wasn't unsual, but he did occasionally grant her a small glance, at least. Before she greeted him one way or another, she always wished he'd show her that he'd noticed her existence.  She knew he always did, but it wouldn't hurt to show it.

She leaned against the cabinet and pressed herself against his side softly.

And he slid his hand to her hip, like he always did when she was welcome.

"It's been really hectic here, you know. Stressful, too"
" ..."

Sebille took note of the fact  that he smelled of cologne, but didn't pay it much mind.

"Loupe's brother came and settled in."

"He's a bit of a bastard, actually... but he does it somehow... artistically." She chuckled. "Still, it doesn't really make it okay for him to go groping me or any other women. His vocabulary isn't exactly most decent , either."

The moment she'd said 'groping', Null's hand had  tensed up and he'd clutched her skirt. Sebille found it rather cute, actually.

"But he's completely harmless, so don't worry. I don't really get him, but I'm rather sure he chooses to be that way. Only heaven knows why, though..."

Yes... She knew he could be different. There had been times when she'd seen a glance of a different Skoll, but he was always gone as fast as he'd emerged. He seemed to put an awful lot of effort into being annoying and as coarse as that fine artistic line allowed. He'd never gone over the top. Or she'd never seen him go over the top.

" ..."

And only now Sebille realized what Null's cologne meant. She'd almost forgotten about it already, as the scent had calmed her somewhat.

She still had to be sure, though.

"Don't tell me..."

Null looked at her, his eyes telling her that she'd done something he hadn't expected her to.

Him wearing cologne... it's what he did when he'd just gotten back from work.
(And occasionally when he'd been at the house, too.)

Normally his scent was weak but still very much like him.

Sebille leaned forward  to grab his shirt and her hair ornament clinked against itself faintly.

Null didn't stop her but he did look away.
That said more to her than any words could have.

"I knew it..."

He didn't wear the gun much anymore. He had the necklace Sebille had given him, but he abandoned it every time he went to work.

"You've been working again... and you didn't tell me you were going."

She hadn't really needed him because, as she'd said: things had been rather hectic. And she'd had work, too. But... he still could've let her know that he'd be gone.

He looked at her and his silver eyes were very much neutral. They portrayed emotion but not enough for Sebille to figure out what the said emotion was.

She looked down and a wave of dissappointment and anxiety hit her.

He would never stop. Would he?

He turned her head back towards him by softly placing his fingers under her chin.

The large, sometimes rough, hands could be surprisingly gentle during moments like these.

He looked at her, as if he'd just noticed something.

"Your hair's pink." he said while moving his fingers through her locks.

"Oh!" she laughed.

That little comment, just that, had been enough to cheer her up again. He dind't speak much and when he did, it was usually necessary. But then, there were times like these when he said something completely out of the blue, and that had nothing to do with anything else.

Such comments from him always made her happy. It proved that he paid at least a little attention to the world around him.

"It is, isn't it..." She said and took off his hat.

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