Small talk moment (15/04/08)

Sebille had been listening to Skoll all evening. He talked a lot but didn't really say anything
and it was actually rather disturbing. Sebille finally decided it was time to swiftly change the subject:

"How's Hati?"

"Dunno. I havn't seen her. She's--- Hey! What d'ya go changin the subject for?"

"No reason, I was just interested. And I'm also interested in why you couldn't keep the feud between Fenrir and you... well, between you two. Done it by the phone and letters like you have the past few years."
"'Cause he's been ignorin' me, that's why. Now he can't."

Sebille sighed.

"You clearly dun wan't me here. So... I'm gonna go an' see the other chicks of th' house."

"There aren't any. I'm the only woman here."


Skoll got up.

"Why don't ya go out with me, then? I could show you good times." He winked.
"So, you'll settle for just anyone, then?"

"Oy, you're not 'just anyone' you're all hot and th' like. People would be jealous if I was out with a chick like you."

"...Despite the generous compliments, I think I'll have to pass."

She was almost certain that he hadn't been serious, either.

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