Break (23/04/08)

Fenrir was enjoying the warm weather and light breeze.

He liked spring. Especially when the weather was as pleasant as it was now.

Lin, however, wasn't enjoying the season; he'd caught a cold.



"You still havn't kicked that habit? It's fucking disgustin'."
Fenrir looked down at his late cigarette; "I haven't tried..."

There wen't his break.

"Smoking's not cool at all."
"Unlike you, I don't do things because they're cool."
"Well, obviously" his brother scoffed.


What was that supposed to mean?

Fenrir sighed. "I hear you've been harassing Sebille?"
"Who wouldn't? She's a babe."

"Anyone, with a half a brain wouldn't."

Skoll never thought things through. Or then he did but didn't care enough to stop in time. Fenrir couldn't quite tell which was the correct deduction.

"What d' ya mean?"
"She's dating a man you don't want to mess with."
"What th' hell? The only chick in the house and she's taken? Great."

Fenrir leaned back. Well, at least he seems to have wisened a little -he hoped.

He really didn't know how Null would react to someone trying to get to Sebille and he wasn't about to let his brother be the guinea pig.

"How's Hati?"

"Why does everyone fucking keep askin' me that? Call 'er and and ask her."
Fenrir looked away, " ..."

He couldn't do that.

"You ditched her somewhere, then?"

"Yeah, yeah... what?"

"Oy! She did that all by hesself! Don't be blamin' that on me."

Fenrir chuckled.

Yes, Hati had a tendency to go off on her own journeys.

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