Hurt (25/04/08)

She should’ve told Null when she had the chance. She could’ve gotten herself killed.

Sebille had been walking home and her ex had followed her. He’d been mad because she’d rejected him. And nobody rejected him.

She considered herself lucky he hadn’t had time to do more than slap her around a bit and kick her once. She would be sore and bruised tomorrow, and a little swollen but that was it. No bones were broken this time.

She’d been close to home and had called Null when the bastard had made his appearance. Null had been at the house and had arrived within minutes –Sebille was so glad he hadn’t been away for work.

Those long legs of his carried him to places faster than she thought possible, and with such elegance that it kept astounding her.

Null had stopped her ex in mid-kick, grabbed his throat and lifted him up with one hand. She’d been on the ground and pleaded Null not to kill him. She didn’t want to be responsible for anyone’s death, not even his.
Of course she didn't know if Null would go that far but... he could.

She hadn’t seen Null’s expression well from the ground level, but he had seemed scary –even in her eyes.

She didn’t know what Null had sad to him, but it had seemed to convince even the thick-headed asshole –for now. He'd left with his tail between his legs, so to say. There wasn’t much room to argue with Null when his eyes turned into ice and voice reduced to a menacing whisper.

Null had carried her home, although she’d said she could walk by herself. His eyes had stayed cold and he hadn’t spoken. Sebille was sure Null knew Sebille had known the ex was in town but he never voiced it. And he was right, of course.

He was now walking around her room, not seeming to calm down much. He was still slightly scary and Sebille hated the fact that even she felt frightened of him. She shouldn't feel that way... not when it was Null.

Finally he sat down, but he still refused to face her.
Maybe he was mad... or perhaps just disappointed in her.

"I'm sorry..."
Her voice didn't carry far, her body ached all over the place and her throat felt dry.

Null turned to look at her; his eyes were no longer cold but he didn't seem exactly thrilled about the events either. Who would.

She wrapped her arms around Null's arm, seeking comfort from the tall man, although she didn't feel like she deserved it right now.

"...I didn't let you protect me."

She should have.

" ..."

She knew the bastard would return eventually, but she'd be ready for him next time. She wouldn't limit Null's decisions, either. He'd had his chance to learn and it was no longer her problem what happened to him if he tried something.

It was probably just the pain talking but... Sebille really didn't care what happened to him after this.

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