Insecure (05/05/08)

Sebille had made an almost complete recovery; all that was left were a few light bruises on her body and the doubts in her mind.

Reading wasn't working out at all. She couldn't concentrate as her mind kept wandering off, and she kept noticing movement from the corners of her eyes. There was nothing there, but she was jumpy when left alone.

She hated the fact that that man could make her feel like this. She hadn't wanted him to be able to affect her in anyway, but still he had.

Why had she been such an idiot and so naive as to go to him in the first place?

Why couldn't she have seen through his nice guy act back then?

Everything could've been avoided...

Now, she could at least read people a little better. And that was probably all that she'd gotten out of her experiences with him.

Though, some would most likely say that the direction her choises had gone to had just gotten worse.

Womanizer -> Wife (or girlfriend) beater -> Killer.
And lots of in-betweens.

But at least she'd, for once, found someone with dignity.

And right now she was so glad he had arrived. Everything that she thought she kept seeing had been making her crazy.

This was something she'd only started doing recently; grabbing his arm. Sebille had no idea whether Null liked it or not, but since he didn't pull his arm away from her, she just kept doing it.

She didn't like feeling weak and afraid, but right now that was all she felt. And she was afraid Null  couldn't stay with her because of it. For she had come off so strong and confident back when they'd met.

Sebille felt increasingly pathetic.

"Am I a burden to you?"

Null's head moved in the slightest, and although Sebille didn't see his eyes do the same, she knew they did.


Was that really true...?

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