Realization (13/05/08)

Sebille had always seemed so strong...

But the recent events had reminded Null of how fragile she really was.

She'd come off so strong since the beginning and although she'd had weak moments, she always overcame them. Null admired that strenght in her. He didn't think he could be like her, if he was physically as powerless as she was... and she wasn't even that weak for someone with such a small body.

"Hmm? What is it?"
" ..."

But he could never say what he wanted to say to her.

He kissed her head. He'd never done it before and didn't know why he did it now, either.


Then again... Sebille always seemed to understand where he was getting at.

He had no need to think of words that he normally never used. His vocabulary consisted of what he needed for his work and it was all really formal. And although he, of course, knew what he should say, the words never made it out of his mind.

Sebille was a breath of fresh air.

He moved his hand, intending to lead Sebille on to his lap.

And she did.

This was just a part of what it was that made him feel so confortable around the small woman.

"What are you up to?"

As Null moved his hand to her waist again, he realized something.

Something he'd never actually been aware of, although he'd felt it.

"Is there a special reason to why you're so tender today?"


Sebille was no longer the only woman that could ever love him.

Null was no longer attracted to her because of that. And it had been the initial reason he'd felt drawn to her.


She was now someone he cared about above all others.

Not because she wasn't afraid of him. Not because she was all he could ever get.

But because it was her.

Everything about her was alluring to him and he'd grown fond of having her around.

And she was willingly his now.

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