"You could've told me where we were going."
" ..."

'Restaurant', he'd said. He could've told her which one so she could've dressed appropriately.

"I feel so stupid now..."

"There was nobody there."

Yes, true, he'd rented the whole restaurant for themselves. Sebille didn't know if it was because he wanted to make an impression, or because he wanted to be in peace.
The latter seemed more Null-like, she supposed. Besides, why would he need to make an impression on her anyway? And he didn't care what others thought, so...

Sebille turned around.

"The staff was!"

Okay, she may be acting a little childish right now, but it had really bothered her to be not as well dressed as she should've been. And Null had been all smashing, too -that might've been what bothered her the most. She felt like an idiot girl that didn't even know how to get dressed appropriately..

"They don't care..."

He so didn't get it. Thank god she wasn't too famous a model, because otherwise she'd had paparazzi all over her and this incident would've been in the papers.

"And..." He bent down.

"...You look beautiful."

Her heart skipped a beat.

Null wasn't supposed to say things like that (especially when he was dressed so well and looked good all around). It was way too corny and embarrassed her.

She was completely thrown off balance for a moment.

"Th- That's not the point."

And now she was also feeling stupid due to the way she acted.

He'd taken her out, after all, and she'd never thought that possible.

"But..." she closed in.

"I'll forgive you, because I had a good time."

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