Never a paradise (31/05/08)

Sebille was alone. It was the way things had been for days; both Null and Loupe had gone somewhere. And both without a word.

Though, her quiet time in the living room seemed to be over for now and she hadn't even gotten half way through her book. Not that Null made much noise but this was a situation that, in her opinion, required talking.

" ..."

Sebille closed her book, looking up at the tall man.

She picked up her cup and put it away, moving herself to one side of the couch.

Weight shifted on the couch. Neither had said a word yet and the air felt heavy.

She was afraid the news would be bad.

"So, are you going to tell me about where you were, or do I actually have to ask the question?"
" ..."
"I thought so."

Null looked at her and the young model was sure that there was something behind this all. She knew him rather well and it seemed as if he was hiding something. And whatever he was hiding, could never be good.

Sebille was actually becoming a bit irritated.

He'd worried her and then just swooped in here like he was never gone at all.

He turned his upper body towards her a bit and Sebille thought she notced something in his movement. Something that was just a bit off.
She'd always wathed him because he did everything so elegantly but this time...

"What was that?"
"Let me see."

And before Null could do anything to stop her, she'd lifted his shirt up to reveal a large, ugly bruise.

"God... what happened to you?"

He heart started beating harder. Why did he keep getting hurt like this? He wasn't supposed to, was he...

Null's eyes actually showed some irritation as he put the shirt back down:
"I was kicked."

"Kicked. You were kicked?"
Sebille's voice was full of disbelief and mockery, not because she didn't believe him but because she didn't know how she should react to the news.

"Great. Now I don't have to worry just about daggers and guns, but legs also."

She knew perfectly well how childish she was being, but she could never help her emotions. Sebille was self-centered, vain, materialistic and temperamental.

"Why are you mad?"
Null was calm with a hint of something else.

Sebille snorted.

"What do you expect? You made me worry _again_ and worrying makes me cranky. And cranky people are usually unfair."

"And right now, I could care less about what you're up to."

She made an attempt at getting up.

But was stopped by Null grabbing her arm.
"What do you want?"

The earlier irritation from his voice hadn't gone anywhere.

"Do you want to know who I gutted this time, is that it? Do you want to know exactly what I was doing?"

This was the most he'd said in a long, long time, but Sebille wasn't in the mood to even pay attention to it.

She yanked her arm from his grip.

"No! No, I don't!"
Her voice portrayed about ten different emotions at the same time and was almost desperate.

She wanted nothing to do with it.


" ....."

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