Déjà vu? (07/06/08)

Sebille was feeling unusually nervous.

Null had strolled to the living room casually, although she was there, and even sat down by her -not attempting to talk. The young woman felt even more awful about them now.

She was getting emotional and glanced at him...

...Almost touching his hand accidentally while doing so.

It was all just too much.

She got up and was going to walk quickly but casually back to her room.

She, however, tripped on her own foot.

Great, she was going to end up flat on her face.
So much for a casual exit (and talk about an embarrassing exit).

But before she fell down, her wrist was caught by Null.

And she felt a strong sense of déjà vu.

But this part was different: He pulled her to himself.

...Why, why was this happening?

Sebille's heart was beating like crazy. Why did he do this? He should've just let her fall, but instead, he was still holding her arms -quite firmly in fact.

"Let me go..."

" ...No."

She looked up; "Excuse me?"

His eyes were calm and just as deep as they always were.

What was he going to do? Chain her into himself?

Sebille's voice was quiet:
"Why can't you just accept the fact that we're not... anything anymore...?"

He loosened his grip but still held her arm.
Sebille felt his balance shift.

He leaned forward.

And the things he whispered... they made her want to reconsider her decision so badly her chest was almost crushed under the pressure of what she'd ended up doing.

She was quiet... and her head lacked any kind of clear thought.

Still, she couldn't stay.
"I'm so sorry, Null."

And this time she left without tripping on anything.

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