Stories (14/06/08)

Sebille was thinking. Nothing too deep, though.

"Tell me, did my eyes lie to me, or were you down in the living room all cozy with that man of yours earlier today?"


"Loupe! You scared me."

He chuckled.

"Yes... I was."

"Didn't think of telling me that you two have been sorting things out?"

"I didn't think you'd care, if you knew or not..."

They both knew why she hadn't informed him. They both still felt it: that awkward feeling they'd had after that kiss.

"Well... You got me there."

"But I would like to be let in on all the events..."

"Events of what?"
"This story."
"What story? Life isn't a story, Fen."

Strangely, the name came through her lips before she'd had even time to think about it. She always called him Loupe, unless she needed to emphasize something, then he was Fenrir. But she couldn't remember the last time she'd ever called him 'Fen'. Strange.

"Oh, but it kind of is."

Yet, he seemed to think nothing of the change.

"Life or it's events can be a long boring story... or a short and happy story."
" ..."
"Or anything in between."

"Riight..." There was irony in her voice. "And what kind of a story do you expect Null and I to 'write'?"

He looked away, smiling a little slyly.
"Well, looking back at your past with men, I'd say medium lenght and kind of pathetic."

She hit his chest lightly.
"Thanks for the vote of confidence, pal."

Fenrir laughed; "I'm only considering the facts."

"...I sure know how to pick them, don't I"
"This one seems to be in love with his work... or then he's just stuck."

"I do hope this one will work out, though..."

There was a sort of sadness in her voice that she never intented to be there.

"So do I, kid, so do I..."

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