A visitor (19/06/08)

Sebille had not been expecting this at all.

First it was Skoll, and now...


The woman turned towards her.

"Sebille, is that really you?"

She spoke with her, no longer so apparent, French accent that brought all sort of memories to Sebille's mind.

"Oh, I didn't expect to see you, at all!"

Sebille was confused; "Well, neither did I..."

"What are you doing here?"

Hati greeted her with the typical 'faire la bise'. She had been separating herself from her culture, just like her brothers, but some things never changed.

This was not new to Sebille, though, so she handled it as casually as anything else she would do.

"What do you mean what am I doing here? I live here, I've given you my address before."

"Oh... I didn't realize it was the same address... That good-for-nothing failed to mention that you were here, as well..."

"Good-for-nothing...? Loupe?"

"Loupe? Why would he... ... !"

"Merde! He set me up!"

Ah, so they still hadn't made up, Fenrir and her, had they...

"So, you meant the crude brother."

Sebille got along with Hati surprisingly well. Usually she had trouble connecting with people and not offending them. But Hati had two brothers, who could both be a little rough around the edges (though Fenrir much less), so she was used to cynicism. Hati wasn't the best of Sebille's friends, but a rather good one on her scale; They laughed together and generally had a good time even though they only met very rarely.

"Yes, I did. And he'll have my eternal grudge on him as well."
"Aren't you overreacting a little?"

"By the way, I never heard what happened between you and him... Loupe won't talk about it."

"Well, he wouldn't."

Yes... that basically meant that Hati still didn't want to talk about it, but if Sebille was ever to find out, it would be from her... or possibly Skoll but she wasn't too thrilled about that option.

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