Arranged (21/06/08)

"So what are we doing?"

"Skoll said something about meeting me in the living room... He was being rather shady so I have no idea what he's up to."

"Oh... and you haven't spoken to Hati, yet?"

"Hmm... yet?"

Oh darn. He didn't know that she was here ye--- this was a set up, wasn't it?

"Ehh... I mean you haven't called her and made up?"
"Yeah, right. Like she'd answer if I did."

Hah! And like you'd even have to guts try.

"Oh well... I guess time will take care of things... maybe. Good luck."

A war might break out and Sebille wanted to get the heck out of dodge before she was pulled into it.

Sorry, Loupe. You'll have to deal with this on your own.

Ehh... What was that all about?

Fenrir sighed and turned back the way they'd been going.

Though... he didn't have to walk for long before things got clear.

That... that couldn't be... Hati? No way! What was she doing here, and where was Sk---

Oh, he was such an idiot!

Okay, Fenrir, turn around slooowly and get out of here before she notices you...

But before he could take another step, stern French words reached his ears; "Stop right there."

Fenrir froze.

"I saw you, Fenris, come here..."
She addressed him in French without looking at him... that was bad. Very bad.

Fenrir winced.

"H-hati. Quite a surprise... What are you doing here?"
He chuckled nervously.

Oh this didn't even begin well.

She switched to English as Fenrir hadn't replied to her in their native tongue; "I was asked to come here. And I'm rather sure you're as displeased about this situation as I am."

"Am I right, Fenris?"

Fenrir had trouble finding words. She was the one person that could always cut off his flow of thought. He didn't think he even had the right to talk back to her... not before she had forgiven him. And judging from the past three years, she wouldn't be doing that anytime soon.

"Hmph... How like you to not even try to explain yourself."
"I'm sure you'll figure out a way to insult me even if I don't talk back."

No... she'd already said everything... repeatedly... and several more times inside her head. She had nothing left to say.

Hati realized something just now.

She had been so busy holding a grudge against her brother that she hadn't spared a thought to why he had done what he did. He'd said she might understand when she was older, but she'd refused to believe him so sternly that she'd forgotten all that he told her back then.

She had been only nineteen and looked up to her eldest brother so.

And yet he'd done something to make her lose her trust and respect for him completely. Hati understood now, that in several year's time this would all seem so stupid that she'd be able to laugh about it.

But right now... it still hurt.

Still having her brother so close for the first time in years made her want to forget what had happened. It had been an event so big to her that it had changed her life... but not for forever, like she'd thought then.

"Haven't you learned to sit properly?"

He let out a laugh that seemed more mocking than was intented;

"You're telling me you'd actually want me to sit next to you?"


"Hmph. Who would?"

"Yes... I recall you telling me you never want to see my face again, I don't think I'll dare to come any closer... might get a teacup thrown at me."

Was he trying to be funny?

Hati wanted to say that some things change... but she couldn't.

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