His return (08/07/08)

Lin had known it.

He had been visiting home for a few weeks and his suspicions had started rising when Fenrir had barely called him, and had seemed so distracted whenever they spoke briefly.

He'd found someone else. Someone Lin would be no match against.

Granted, he didn't know much about female beauty because he'd simply never been interested, but...

...even Lin could tell that she was gorgeous.

And they looked great together. And much too friendly for Lin's tastes.

"Now what have you done to your sleeve?"
"It's nothing."

Lin's hands were shaking. He wasn't angry, he had never been too sure of his (former) partner's feelings, and he didn't think very highly of his own skills to keep him interested, either.

This was what he had secretly feared.

Maybe it had been futile from the beginning?

"Nothing? You've stained it!"
"It was just a little ink accident..."

Lin took a step sideways, he didn't want them to see him. That would be more than awkward.

But he was too late:
"Ah, Lin!"

Oh no! Now, there'd be excuses, or explanations, and awkward silences.
Lin's heart was beating like crazy.

"Hey, you're back... I didn't think you'd be coming for a week at least."

Lin had wanted to surprise him. " ..."

"You'll tell me about it later, right? Because now I want you to come meet my sister."

That was his sister?

Now that he looked at her... they did look similar.

"S-sister? Y-You never told me you had a sister!"
His voice came out a little desperate. He had been so ready to give him up.

"Uh... We haven't really gotten along, so I didn't think there was anything to tell."

Lin felt a huge wave of relief wash over him but he was also feeling extremely sheepish. He'd just suspected his boyfriend of something... really bad. Oh, how stupid was he?

Fenrir leaned forward and his familiar scent mixed with a faint smell of cigarettes invaded Lin's lungs. Just a minute ago he hadn't expected to smell Fenrir like this again. He'd been afraid he'd have the smell of a woman's perfume all over him.

Fenrir whispered; "Careful, she nags a lot."

Fenrir slid his arm around Lin. The slight pressure on his lower back reminded Lin of how much he had actually missed the grey haired man... despite the fact that he had been drowning in his own self-pity whenever they had ended a phone call.

Fenrir was still his...

Lin felt so stupid, now.
Nobody would ever have to know what he'd suspected Fenrir of, but he'd know it himself and it would surely bother him.

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