Warning (12/07/08)

Nion had been searching for the source of the same magic trail for nearly a year now. Winter had come and gone and he'd felt like he'd never find it. But as spring came, Somnion noticed that his powers had slowly grown; he could feel the same faint sense of magic again.

He was certain it was the same caster, for all magic carried a mark and each mark was individual to the caster. Still, Nion did not know what said magic was used for and why he couldn't find the source. He'd always been quite good at tracking.

But today. Today he knew he would finally end his search. The air was serene after rain and the trail was stronger than ever. The source was close.

Yes. He'd found it.

And the caster would not get away this time.

Nion would not let him out of his sight. He was a little worried, though, as could see the source but he couldn't feel it. It was as if it was a mirage. A trap, possibly?

Suddenly, he felt his vision blur for a short moment and there was a stabbing pain in his head.

The words that he heard were not exactly telepathic; he didin't hear them, he just understood their meaning, as if a thought had been put into his head.

He'd never felt anything like it, even the elders couldn't put thoughts into somebody's head, no: they had to speak them. Whether speech was silent or not, it was still speech. But this was something entirely different.

Nion didn't like the invasion in his head, but he was determined to see who the stranger was.


Again, it hurt.

[Timing...? Who are you?]

He didn't know why he'd sent his words towards the stranger (or his mirage), instead of speaking aloud. Maybe he had missed this ability while spending time with the humans. Or maybe he did it because the spellcaster hadn't spolen aloud either. He could be mute... he could be deaf. Nion had no way of knowing and only hoped he could reach the stranger.

Really, he needed to stop invading Somnion's mind. The pain wasn't too bad, but it was uncomfortable and he had a hard time thinking straight.

[Wait... a hunter?]

And as if the stranger had felt his pain, he sent his words back to Nion, this time so, that he could hear the voice. A male voice.

[You must know what a hunter is. Surely the old ones haven't lost all of their common sense and stopped teaching about them. For that would be incredibly foolish, even for them.]

Old ones? He didn't mean the elders, did he? How could he know of them and why did he speak as if he didn't like them? His tone was the same as Nion's when he spoke of the elders.

[I know what a hunter is... But hunters don't exist anymore. They've been killed a thousand years ago.]
[Have you not noticed this world isn't your own?]

Of course Nion had noticed. He wasn't stupid, and yet the stranger made him feel like he was.

And before Nion could answer, the mystery spellcaster spoke again:
[Your rules dont' apply here. A hunter is after you. It is after everyone with power, and will surely come here.]

A small light flickered in the stranger's hand.
[Unless you are hidden, it will find you.]

Now Somnion understood. The spell he had been following. It's only purpose had been to lure him in. It was faint at times and sometimes strong because this... this  man(?) wanted it to be so.

Somnion closed in with caution, he wasn't sure this wasn't a trap yet. And he still couldn't feel the presence of another soul. Was this what the stranger had meant by being hidden?

[Why have you had me search for you? And why are you warning me?]

There was a silence. And though the forest was filled with voices; birds, insects, wind, Nion couldn't hear any of it. He was waiting for a reply.

[I hoped your powers would grow.]

[They did.]
[Not enough.]

True. Nion could feel this unknown spellcaster was much stronger than himself. He'd felt his strenght when he had been in his mind. But now it was as if there was nothing in front of him.

[You draw too much attention to yourself. You need to hide, for that is the only way to avoid the hunter.]

[Why are you warning me? Who are you?]

The stranger ignored his words:
[But if you are as foolish as I was, you will not take heed of my words.]

[This Claymore will aid you if you are to come in contact with the Hunter. I suggest you familiarize yourself with it's use and remember it's name.]

[Wait. Why are you doing this? Who are you and why are you here?]

But he was gone. He couldn't have been an illusion, because he'd held the sword and the sword was unmistakeably real.

Teleportation? Had he teleported away?

This world's dimensions could be controlled as well?
Nion didn't know how. And he had been trying for a whole year.

He leaped to the sword, now taking the risk of this being a trap. He no longer thought it was.

The sword. It felt powerful and yet... somehow sealead.

How would this help him if a Hunter indeed existed. (Nion was rather sceptic about it)

Nion directed his words to the sky, not really expecting anyone to answer:
[Why are you helping me?]

Kin? That wasn't possible. Nobody of his clan had been banished before. Somnion was the first to stain their clan's name. And he was certain this spellcasted had been in this world before Nion's arrival.

He couldn't be so familiar with this world if he'd come after Nion.

Nion was dissappointed that he couldn't have faced the caster properly, but he was certain they would meet again. When the man wanted them to.

Now, Nion would need to examine this sword... this Claymore.

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