Rain (20/07/08)

'Back this morning.'

Sebille felt so gullible right now. She'd been outside for hours, waiting for Null to come back. He hadn't given her a specific time, but in her opinion it was no longer morning when the clock said 4pm.

She was irritated, wet and cold. The rain just kept pouring and pouring, lazily but endlessly.

She was a bit worried, too, for Null did usually keep his end of promises. But Sebille wouldn't admit it. She was too annoyed to.

She completely failed to notice Null's arrival; the rain drowned out the little sound the gravel made when he set his feet down one after the other.

The only reason she was still outside, was to give him a piece of his mind if-- when he ever came back.

The wind didn't help Sebille's coldness. Why hadn't she gone to get an umbrella or a coat?

Null closed in on her and once Sebille saw movement from the corner of her eye she could also hear the footsteps, despite the rain. Yes, he actually made sound sometime when he walked, but much less than normal people.

He voice was strict but her resolve melted away.

She'd been more worried than she'd realized and most of her irritation was washed away by relief.

Why couldn't ever he call her just to tell her that he was alright? It'd make her so happy.
He'd gone out when he was still hurt and Sebille worried now more than ever. Not just because he was hurt, but also because of what she'd just found out the day before... Null had still gone although Sebille had objected loud and clear.

"Do you have any idea how long I've been out here waiting for you?"
Her lame attempt at strictness was fading away.

And she looked down, now speaking quietly:
"I wanted to show you something... but it was futile from the beginning, wasn't it?"

" ..."
"I shouldn't think of such stupid things, right?"

She was looking down, afraid of meeting Null's eyes.

Warmth took over her when Null placed his jacket on her shoulders. Still, she didn't want to look up.

Why was it that he always brought out the worst in her?

She was sure that she heard his quiet voice say "I'm sorry" though.

And Sebille looked up. Did he really just say that?

" ..."
He really was sorry, and there was something warm in his eyes.

This time she was silent.

She couldn't find the right words.

Why was she always ready to forgive him the moment he showed some consideration towards her?

And why was it that he was so chivalrous, and yet so cold at the same time?

"You'll get wet now."

The wind blew and Sebille's hair whipped back, but strangely, she wasn't cold anymore.

"Doesn't matter."

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