"Tick" (31/07/08)

This was not to Sebille's liking.

Null had been in his own world long enough now. Absorbed in his work, or something.

He'd been staring at that stupid necklace of his ever since he came out. And it wasn't even like it had changed in anyway. It was the same necklace in every aspect. Sebille had seen it enough times to know.

She didn't care what this was about.

She'd had enough of 'spending time with him' when he wasn't paying attention to her.

The grass was pressed down under her when she crawled towards the lying man.

Sebille boldly grabbed the necklace and Null did nothing to stop her.

He still did nothing when Sebille threw the thing away.


He shifted his weight in an attempt to move to it. Sebille couldn't tell what mood he was in.

She did get a glance of his eyes, and they showed no irritation -or any other emotion. He just seemed neutral.

" ..."
It was weird, but before Sebille could think of a reson behind it, her attention was caught by something else.

The scar on his arm. Sebille knew that scar very well, for she had been the one to sew it up just several months ago. All other scars of his were old... but this one made Sebille worry. She worried because it was proof that he could get hurt.

"Enough with that necklace already."

She pushed Null promptly...

...and ended up holding him down with her own weight. Not that it would really keep him in place.

There was a silence where they both looked at eachother. Sebille still couldn't tell what he was thinking, he wasn't letting her know, not even with his eyes.

"That's enough with your work. Couldn't you just forget about it when you're home?"

His voice didn't give any hint of his feelings but now there was something in his eyes.

A glint Sebille couldn't figure out.


He pushed Sebille down but this time he wasn't holding her in place like he usually did. He just leaned over her a bit.

(Sebille hoped there weren't ticks in the grass.)

"This isn't home."

Sebille just realized...

...he was most certainly not arguing with her. The attempt was lame at best.

"You live here, don't you? It's home enough."

He was after something else entirely.

She was a bit mad at him, though, as she was fairly certain he'd been not paying attention to her just to tick her off.

He'd gotten sneaky.

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