Family get-together (18/08/08)

This might not be the best course of action, he though.

But she was still there, and he didn't understand why. He thought she'd leave as soon as she realized he was there as well. That'd be the easiest way for everyone.

See, she even pretented not to notice him.

"What is it?"
Well, okay. Almost.

"Uhh... I have something to ask you..."

He rounded around her, as if she would become a ferocious tigress and attack him if she got the chance.

"Spit it out, then."
She spoke with her eyes down at her phone.

Fenrir was feeling a little uneasy.

"Uh, it's gonna come out wrong no matter how I say it... so--"

Hati sighed irritatedly and closed her phone with a snap:"Just ask me, Fenris. I'm not in the mood for games right now."

"Well..." He begun carefully, "You've been here for quite a while. Shouldn't you be thinking about going back sometime soon...?" He paused, "And what are you wearing?"

"Back to where, Fenris? You know just as well as I, that I keep moving from one place to another."
The notes passing through her lips didn't have much of her original accent in them anymore. She'd almost grown out of it.

"And I like it here. The rent isn't too bad and I have a friend in the house. I think I'm going to stay."

"You're going to... stay...? Here?"

"Is that not okay with you, big brother?"
She spoke tauntingly.

"Hay, what's this? A family get-together and I'm not invited?"

Oh crap. He was the last person Fenrir wanted to see right now.

Skoll was always so... up front about his thoughts and it weared Fenrir out.

"She says she wants to stay."
"Why not? I like havin her here."
"You would."

Hati sighed again and reached down to put the phone on the table. She'd let them sort this out by themselves. Oafs.

"Oy! What the hell are ya wearin?"

Skoll had spotted the lace-up at the back of her dress. He hadn't apparently paid attention before he saw the back side, while Fenrir had already been gasping at the front.

"Not you, too?"

"Me too? Hey, your my baby sister. Your not supposed to look all hot like that."
A valid point. But not one that Fenrir had been thinking about. And why wasn't Skoll's question ignored?

Fenrir spoke to himself, but so loudly that the both of them heard him; "I asked the same question but was I given an answer? No. I was just ignored. I could be hurt about it, you know."

"Would someone please remind me of why I decided to stay...?"

Were they both really older than her?

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