Hunter (30/08/08)

A cold blade sunk into the moss on the forest floor.

The blade was marked with barbarian symbols...

...and held in the clawed hands of something old, belonging to the ancient woods.

It had found it, the trail of it's hunted.

It was new, barely a day old and the scents still lingered in the air. With this the prey would be it's soon enough.

[So, you have found him.]
Words out of nowhere rang in it's head.

The creature rose to it's cloven feet, assuming a cautious battle stance within seconds.

The ancient hunter did not like to be caught off guard. They never did.

The voice that rang in it's head once again was as curious and amused, as it was calm.

"What is?" It asked, it's voice full of caution and distain.

[That you would raise your barbarian blade against this Odin of mine.]

Odin's blade?

The hunter was no fool. He knew his own strenght and nothing in this forest should compare to it, but this demon appearing out of nowhere... It wasn't just strong, but also had the forest at it's side.

[Will you attack?]

The forest that was always on his side was now torn between the two characters, and would not be of assistance to the hunter. He was not foolish enough to rush into battle where he did not hold the upper hand, for his survival instinct was greater than the desire for the hunt. And duty.

"No" He gave in, angry at himself.

The blade snaked out of view, into the near oblivion he originally called it from.


Khepre did not want a fight now, although he had risked it by coming forth. This creature had some intellect and taste for survival, didn't it. He was impressed by it. It was not often a hunter gave up it's duty.

[I have not met many of your kind that would not act according to your duty.]

"Do you give this one much choice, wanderer and hunter slayer?"

Ah, it knew of Khepre and was smart enough to recognize him without seeing his face.
[There is always a choice.]

"I choose my battles and this is not one of them. You are the one that killed one of my brothers, are you not?"
The horned demon was speaking from between it's teeth. Contempt seething through it's voice.

[Sister. It was a sister of yours.]

"Makes no difference." It spoke coldly.

A hunter with no care for it's own kind. That was a new one.

[Your chosen battle is with your hunted? I regret to say that I will not let you at him.]

"Why would a Wanderer care of someone that is not him self?"

[Ah, I may be a wanderer but I also share blood with my kin. We have a strong bond, and I do not wish it to be broken just yet.]

His bond wasn't that strong with all of his kin, but Somnion was an exception.

"Kin. Your kind has kin?"
That was not good news to the large demon. He may be said to be ancient but he was not. He would not be a match to this age old wanderer, and most definitely not to it and his target together. He just did not have enough knowledge. The battlefield was not in his favor and he had not prepared to meet this adversary here.

He had only come for his hunt.

Not many of the hunters sent to this world remained, and he would not let the pride of their bloodline take his life as well. His duty was secondary to his life. And to the thrill of the hunt.

He would walk away this time.

"You will not be here warding this one off forever. This hunt is mine."

Khepre had no doubt that it was serious. It would return.

Still, he was amazed how civil this encounter had been. He had yet to meet a hunter with pride that would allow it to walk away without a battle.

This might not be good, because it knew Khepre would not always be here.

[You will not have this child.]

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