Claymore (09/09/08)

Somnion was going to be put to a test now...

He'd have to talk to his sword and ask it to let him draw. Otherwise he'd be stuck with a sheathed sword.

It was the strangest thing he had ever even thought of doing, and he had done some illogical things in his lifetime.

Nion put his hand on the cold handle, though, strangely it always seemed to warm up when he touched it. Just as it surged energy when he practised with it. Still, the amounts of energy that leaked from the sword were small and hardly noticeable.

Here went nothing.

[Please, let me draw.]
Nion directed his words to the sword.

The Claymore pulsed and then there was a click in his mind; as if something had been unlocked.

The blade slid out of the sheath with ease.
Somnion couldn't believe it had worked.

He could now feel the power and the magic from the blade properly.

It was strong.

And yet, still somehow sealed. It was as if it's potential was hidden somewhere deeper, but Nion didn't mind. He was afraid that he'd lose control of the sword if it was too strong. Especially now that it seemed to have a mind of it's own.

He put down the sheath.

This Claymore would indeed help him; Nion just wasn't sure how it would do it. And why had Khepre stressed the fact that it would be helpful against a hunter?

[I hope we'll get along, you and I.]

"Woah, that's a pretty nice sword you got there."

Nion had noticed nothing and corrected his posture within a fraction of a second.

How could he not have noticed anyone approach. Even if they were concealing themselves, he should've smelled him.

He pointed the blade towards the intruder.
"What do you want?"

"Hey-- woah! Chill. I just complimented your sword, man."

A human?
No, he couldn't be. A human wouldn't be able to sneak up on him. Unless the Claymore had done something to block his senses... but why would it?

Thoughts ran through Nion's head but he couldn't make sense of the situation.

"Err... would you mind not pointing the thing at me?"

He looked human. And he most certainly felt human. Still, there was something odd about him. He smelled like he'd been in a forest for a long time.

It could be possible. It wasn't that rare for humans to have houses in forests and spend time in them.

He turned and sheathed his Claymore again.

Somnion didn't bother talking to the man, and walked away.

He was ways away already when the stranger yelled after him: "I'm Kay, by the way. What's your name?"

He stopped only to speak his name: "Nion"

And only when he begun walking again, he realized something.

The human hadn't said anything about his looks. He hadn't hidden his horns, claws or markings, nor bothered to dress more humane. And still, he hadn't said a word about it. Usually Nion  was thought to be 'in costume' and the humans openly questioned his looks, but... this man hadn't reacted to him at all.

Just who was he?

"A tense person."
Kay spoke to himself.

[I believe I told you; you could not have this child.]

"WOAH!" The man visibly flinched. "Where'd you come from!?"

There was a silence.

"And why do my ears ring strangely?"

[I may not always be here, but I will make sure he is ready.]
"What the hell are you talking about?"

There was uneasiness in the air.

[Do not try anything.]


" ... Let me tell you something about myself."


The tone of his voice changed, as did the aura around him.
"I have not come this far by giving up on the things I want."

[I am sure you haven't.]

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