Truths (13/09/08)

Somnion was deep in thought.

[I see you can dress in a more subdued manner, as well.]
The familiar voice of the older demon echoed in his head.

Nion was surprised, but he was now used to Khepre popping up in when he wasn't expecting it. He really should teach Nion how to do that as well, because he just couldn't figure it out.

Right now, he was mildly offended, though. Of course he could.

[Yeah... I like comfort.]

Nion took notice of the fact that Khepre had brought his sword with him this time. It could prove potentially dangerous, but the younger demon figured that if this stranger wanted him dead, he would already be that way.

[Have you been handling your Claymore?]

[Yes... I feel it's power but I don't seem to get through to it that well...]

It was as if it refused to give him the power it wielded, and Nion didn't know how to tell it to let him access it.

[Ah... That is because your mind is not set the right way.]
Khepre slid down the stone resulting in a muted thud in the grass.

[That Claymore isn't just your sword, it is your companion as well. You need it's trust and it needs yours.]

[Companion? Trust?]
[Get over the fact that it is a sword.]

But it was a sword.

[It has a consciousness.]
[I've noticed but...]

Khepre sighed before Nion could continue.
[Would it help if I told you that it knows your mother?]

The sword knew her?

[My mother... this sword?]
[They were companions once, and it still remembers.]

How could've she had this sword? It wasn't of their world and Somnion's father wasn't one to allow anything not permitted near him or his family. Khepre had said that Nion was like his mother, but exactly how much alike were they?


Nion didn't know what to expect, but did what Khepre asked.

He had to ask the Claymore to let him draw each time he did, and it had started responding to him faster. Still, Nion would've preferred a regular weapon that was easy to draw. What was the point of having a sword that could refuse to help him when he needed it?

[You might want to set it down and sit yourself.]

His elders words seemed strict, although Somnion was rather sure he didn't mean them that way. They also made him feel like a child again, which in turn, was probably his intention.

[What are you doing?]

[Well, since you can not talk to your Claymore yet, I will ask it to show you something important.]

The elder demon kneeled.
[However, it does not heed my words, so I will have my Odin ask instead.]

What so their swords were like friends? Nion was having even more doubts about the whole thing, now.

[Do not let go.]

The blades touched almost silently. Nion felt the Claymore get warmer and pulse again the same way it did the other day. He heard quiet whispers in a language he had never heard before.

Then, there were images; flashes of memories. The world view was strange because it came from the sword but Nion could somehow understand it. He was partially blinded from the current reality when the flashes and old feelings came to him.

He could see Khepre sheathe his sword and hear the metal blade slide in, but it seemed to happen far away.

Somnion's grip in reality loosened with each flash, and was completely severed when he saw his mother. She had fought against creatures Nion had only seen in books, she had fought them with this sword and with allies. Khepre was there too, and she smiled.
The Claymore he was holding had indeed been with her, and it felt for her. It wasn't love, but companionship. They shared a strong bond, it and her.

The flashes ended and Nion took the Claymore into his hands.

"This... I think I understand it better now."
He unconciously slipped to normal speech.

The sword had a complicated mind. It didn't speak, so to say, but send images into his mind and his eyes. Would he need to 'speak' the same way to reach it, or was it capable of understanding speech? And would it ever think of him as a companion as it did his mother? It didn't seem to think that she was dead, so could it start trusting him like it did his mother?

"That is good, for you need to learn to use it well."

The young demon had never seen Khepre move his lips, let alone heard his spoken voice before. He was stunned for a minute, and just as he was about to open his mouth to let out a dozen of questions, the demon spoke again:
"And you need to be specifically wary of that person."

"What p--?"
"Man, you guys have the coolest swords!"

Nion had been caught off-guard by this man -again. Though, this time he assumed it was because of his 'conversation' with the Claymore.

He got up, sheathing the Claymore.
"Kay, was it?"

"Oh, you remembered my name! That's cool. 'Cause I wasn't even sure you were listening to me the last time."

He seemed as cheery as he was the other day. It was strange how carefree an impression he gave, although he was with two 'people' that were somewhat far from regular humans -as far as looks were concerned.

Khepre continued to Nion, as if the human wasn't there at all;
"He is dangerous, so do not let your guard down with him."

The man seemed a little uneasy;
"Uhh... it isn't really me you need to be worried about. It's kind of, uhh... him."


Somnion had realized there was something strange about him. It was obvious, but dangerous?

Khepre spoke with a slight smirk playing on his lips;
"He is not to be trusted." And finished with a cunning glare towards the human.

"Hey! That's harsh, man. Give me a chance, at least?"

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