Another chance (14/09/08)

This wasn't good.

The presence Nion had felt had indeed been something other than an animal. The way the birds had gone silent but how nothing had felt different from the forest, he had just assumed it was a bear or something else that belonged there.

He had probably been right about the belonging part, but it was worse than he had thought.

At some point it had circled around in front of him and now there it was; blocking his way back to the house.

He wasn't sure what it was... but assumed the hunter. They were often described being beastly, although Nion had never believed the descriptions to be so literal. The strenght of that creature was overwhelming.

Somnion wouldn't have a fighting chance. Now, that he was close, he also noticed it's scent. And it was a familiar one.

" ...Kay?"
His voice was full of disbelief, how could this creature have his scent? Kay was a human, a strange one, but still a human without power such as this.

The creatures silvery eyes moved calmly to meet Nion, and measured him from top to bottom.

" ...'Kay' does not exist."

"Wha--- What did you d--"
Nion fell quiet abruptly and began thinking faster. Yes, he had Kay's scent but it could mean a number of things. It didn't mean that it was Kay, nor that it had killed him.

His heart was racing, for he couldn't see how he could win against this creature. Yes, his Claymore would aid him, but he wasn't skilled enough to use it well. Maybe, if he was back home, in his world, he could cast something and escape, but here nothing worked the way it should.

"Kay never existed in the first place."
The creature emphasized the name as he spoke it with his low voice.

He set down the hooves and slowly pushed himself forward. Nion hadn't the time to think of the contents of what the horned demon had said. He had to be ready for anything it might do.

"But now..."

Nion felt energy concentrating above the outstretched hand and knew that it was calling for a weapon -or something worse.

He instantly assumed a posture where he could draw the Claymore.

It might be futile, considering the difference in strenght, but he would have to try. He only needed a two second distraction to be able to escape. It may know how to move in the forest but so did he.

" ...You are the target."

His sword was very much elaborated and resembled some old weapons Nion had seen back in his world.

Target? So he should have run or hidden when he still had the chance.

Why had Khepre dissappeared off to somewhere today of all days?

Long fingers slid along the blade slowly.
"But now that you are here..."

"This one does not see you worthy."


Could this mean...?

His sword snaked out of view.

"No pleasure in a hunt with no challenge. You are such a small existence."

The hunter took steps towards Nion.

And ponted a clawed finger at him.


"This Kilbas will come back when you pose a challenge."

Somnion watched as the creature dissappeared into the forest, where it belonged.

Normally he would've been offended by what it'd said. He used to be a strong warrior before his 'banishment', but this time he was just relieved. Everything wasn't just about strenght, there was need for evaluating one's opponent, as well, and he knew the difference in strenght.

His life had been spared for now. And he needed to speak with Khepre. Soon.

 Nion needed to know the connection between Kay and this hunter, Kilbas. What had it meant that Kay didn't exist? And why hadn't Khepre given him a more distinct warning?

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