Soothe (05/10/08)

Sebille hoped this would work. She was on her way to the living room to see Null, who was not in the best of moods. And that was understating it.

She heard footsteps from behind her but didn't bother looking back. Only two people in the house would come to her like this, and the other was visiting her friends, so the only person left was...


Yes, it could be none other than the 'grey wolf'.

Sebille turned toward him, revealing the teacup in her hands.

"You've been all distant for a while now, and I'm worried about you. You know, especially now that---"
"When are you not worried?" Sebille interrupted his speech. She didn't feel like listening to his lecture today.

"Really. You worry too much. And at all the wrong times. I'm taking this to Null now."

"What? He told you to bring him tea!? And you run around fullfilling his needs like a maid?"
He seemed irritated.

"Are we talking about the same person? When have you ever seen him make requests... or speak for that matter?"
" Well--"
"I'm taking this to him, because I want to." Sebille interrupted him again.

Fenrir made a hand-movement which indicated that his brief irritation had passed.
"Of course, what a stupid question."

"Yeeah, it was. Excuse me, then."

Sebille left Fenrir worrying about her again. He worried even more than usual now that nobody in the house had failed to notice Null's current mood.


Null. He'd been cold to her, and everyone he had encountered in the house for the past two days. Sebille had noticed that he was remarkably good at holding the one and same mood for days. Usually, though, it wasn't so apparent.


On a normal day, the others couldn't tell what he was feeling, they always said that he was scary or freaky, or gave them the willies. But the past two days... Everyone had been avoiding him like plague. Not that anyone ever thrived for his company, but now; wherever he was, he was alone. Sebille didn't blame everyone for avoiding him. He even gave her death glares when she approached him.

So childish.

"I brought you some milk"
Sebille tested him, walking on thin ice, but there was no reaction.

"Okay, actually it's tea... with milk in it."

She was hoping it'd soothe him out, even if the effect wasn't too clear. Anything was better than this.

Still, no reaction. If Sebille didn't know him, she could've sworn he hadn't even heard her voice.

But she did, and she knew that he just chose to ignore her.

"Let me put it this way, then..."
There was a dangerous edge to her tone now:

 "If you don't take this, I'll pour it on your head."

At least that got him moving. His hand appeared in front of her, asking for the cup.

Slowly he turned his head toward her, and although there was coldness in his eyes that usually wasn't there, the worst of it was gone. He tried so hard to be resentful, for whatever reason, but Sebille saw through it.

"It's hot..."

Sebille's fingers met Null's for a moment and she felt their coldness.

Sebille sat on the armrest of the couch, observing how Null brought the drink in front of him.

"What is it this time?"
She asked carefully.

" ..."

She moved closer.
"I know you won't tell me."

It was always his work. He did nothing else, so it wasn't too hard to guess. But the details would be forever unkown to her.

"But I'll still keep asking."

He observed her movements and for some reason, Sebille's heart started racing.
"You'll start thinking I'm annoying and an eyesore for butting in all the time. But I'll still do it."

What else could she do? She wasn't the kind of a person who could just watch and not intervene.

He brought his hand to her hair and slid his fingertips through the locks. His silver eyes followed every movement he made with his fingers. His eye weren't empty, but instead; full of emotions. Still, Sebille couldn't tell what he was thinking at all.


"You're not."
His word were quiet and soft, although his eyes still showed traces of coldness.

Sebille put her hand on his, ceasing the movenet of his fingers, and felt the full coldness of his skin. She clenched her fingers around the large hand, as if trying to warm his skin.

There was a pause and she looked at Nuill, her blue eyes portraying curiosity.
"I wonder how long you'll think so." The corners of her lips curved into a small, melancholy, smile.

" ..."

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