Tradition (04/11/08)

Lin sighed.

Everything was just so different here.

He was deep in thought and didn't notice his beloved approaching.

"That's quite the outfit you're wearing."
" ! "
"You do know that Halloween passed already, right?"

Very funny, Lin thought while turning to him.
"It's warm..."

"That it is, I'm sure."
Fenrir laughed and rounded around him to his front, being careful to not step on the fabric.

"I don't know much about kimonos but that looks far more fancy than normal..."

He was right.

"It is... but it's been in my family for a long time..."

Lin's voice came out more melancholy than he had intented and Fenrir, of course, picked up on it:

"Do you miss 'home'?"

"I miss... the past."

Fenrir was quiet but he seemed to be asking what Lin meant.

"I miss the way home used to be... and the people that used to be there. Right now it's not really a place I'd want to return to... that's why I'm here."

...with you.

"Hmm... is that so?"
" ..."
Fenrir was eyeing the front of Lin's outfit, "Well, we all have scars that need healing."

"He brought his fingers to the outer kimono and lifted it slightly
"This must've been hard to put on."

"Ah... well, it always takes me a while."
He spread his arms under the heavy layers of fabric, seeming slightly flustered, before he turned back to his lover.

"...But do tell me..."

Fenrir's hand was warm, unlike his own that had gotten cold in the autumn air.

"Yes?" Fenrir's tone was almost cunning.
"Why did you bring an umbrella?"

The older man laughed; "I was hoping it'd rain... then we could've both squeezed under it."

As if he'd need excuses like that to bring Lin closer.

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