Storm (19/11/08)

Sebille's fingers ran idly through Null's hair and her calm breath sounded to his ear. He found it awkward but oddly relaxing.

Although it was Sebille, his reflexes tried to constantly take over. He could never completely relax himself, he could never shut out his ears and stop listening to what what happening outside the room. He could never stop thinking about where the gentle hands were going each time they moved.

She'd found the chain of Null's necklase.

A storm was brewing. Null was expecting it, for it always happened like this.

She'd take the pendant into her hands, look at it, and then...

She sighed.

...This wasn't how it was supposed to go.

Slowly he turned his head to the left in an attempt to meet her eyes but they weren't there for him to meet;

"I just... I give up."
" ..."
"It doesn't matter how much we talk about this... Nothing ever changes."

It was going to change. He was determined to change everything... only, he was dealing with people that didn't accept change, and needed to play his part well. There just was no way for him to tell her. Speaking was... hard.

He sat up and felt Sebille's warm hands slide down his shoulders and back softly.

But how exactly could he begin?

Null hated to admit it, but he'd need help with this. Who could he turn to? He had none to trust but two people, and only one of those two was an option.

How could he ever ask something like this of him?


"Where are you today?"

He could feel her cheek on his shoulder and hand on his arm. The warmth that came with her was comforting but hard for him to adjust to. He knew she'd moved close but still almost pushed her away.

Was something really about to happen? What that why he was even more tense than usual? Or was it just his plans that troubled him?

If he set this in motion, he might not be able to turn back. Ever.

Could he do it at this point in time?

"...Right here."

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