A world changed - PART 1/2 (23/11/08)

Sebille was feeling uneasy.

Something was up. Something bad.
Something very bad.

Sebille knew this due to two things, she was about to present to Null.

"Do you have a job tomorrow?"

"Then, might you tell me why you've been holding me this tightly all evening?"

He held her tight whenever he was about to go do something that made him anxious. Or at least Sebille thought it was anxiety, as he showed no other signs of it.

" ..."

"Do you have something else, then?"

The silence weighed on Sebille, and Null's answer never came. She had so hoped he'd say 'no', but...

He didn't deny it.

"I got an interesting phone call this morning."
" ..."

"It was Sebastian. He asked me to persuade you to not go through with your plans."

Before Null could ask her for details, she continued;
"I don't know what plans you have, but he seemed genuinely worried. And to make him worry... it must be something dangerous."

Her eyes moved carefully to the side so that she could view him from the corner of her eye.

"Won't you reconsider?"

His arm around her loosened...

...and moved to her hair.

Sebille could feel his fingers moving in her locks. He was silent and his breath calm.

"That's a no, huh?"

He had no plans to stop whatever it was that he was going to do.

A knot formed inside her stomach. She was scared.

Sebille's voice was almost broken -it was but a whisper when she pleaded one last time;


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