Not a lie (24/11/08)

Sebille was concentrated on her book when there was a knock on her door.
"Come in."

She tried hard to not let her thoughts get too far from the pages. If they did, they'd go back to Null and she'd worry again. Worry and be scared.


Sebille heard her friend come in but tried to keep her interest in the book, which was now becoming increasingly harder.

"Do you have my ring somewhere here?"

Sebille sighed silently; her efforts were futile.

"Yeah, it's on my nightstand right there."

Hati turned to the table and scanned the area with her eyes, looking for her ivory rose.

She bent down to reach for the ring, but her hand stopped momentarily when she spotted what was next to it.

She didn't get it.

"Why, Sebille. Why him?"

Everything was against her. And everyone wanted her to think about him, didn't they?

Sebille understood Hati's feelings on this, but that was just because she didn't know the whole story. Without knowing certain facts about him, Null seemed like the worst guy that had yet crossed paths with her.

She sighed.
"Do you remember any of my previous guys?"

"I do."
Hati sat down on the bed and Sebille moved her legs to give her a little more room.

"Well, then you remember how they were and what they did. I've told you about some of them... the rest aren't worth even mentioning."

"Yeah... you've had your share of bad luck with guys, I know that. I remember you saying you'd quit men altogether, so I don't get why..."
"Null... isn't like them. He doesn't get angry and beat up women. He doesn't get jealous and he doesn't hurt me."

Hati was quiet and listened, although she clearly still objected.

"I know he has a rough outside but that isn't who he is. He may not speak or show his emotions but... they're there and I feel them."

" ..."

"Sure, there are things that I'm not happy with. One is him being gone a lot, but I can live with that. The reason I'm not breaking it off, isn't because I'm afraid. Not this time. I'm not giving us up... because I don't want to... I have no reason to because I'm happy."

Hati seemed to have lost her resolve a bit but she still wasn't fully convinced, was she?

"Oh!" Sebille swung her arm in an attempt to lighten up the mood.

"And he's realized I can be bribed with jewellery and shoes." She laughed a little.

"He has, huh."

Why did Hati sound so dissappointed?

"I'm surprised you've found a guy that can afford your tastes."

"Oh, I sure have."

She could shop all day and night for years and he still wouldn't run out of wealth. It was a completely different matter whether he would let her, though.

"So, what does he do?"

Sebille answered her without hesitation; "He kills people."

They were both silent for a long while.

It was the kind of awkward silence where one was put into a situation they didn't know how to react to.

And then they both laughed.

"Fine, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to."

Sebille had told her. But who would ever believe her? It was so absurd that even she questioned the reality of it all sometimes.

A killer. An assassin.

Everyone knew what he did, it was no secret. But nobody knew what he did.
They were sure it was true but they were also sure it was just a rumor.

It was kind of sad.

"I am glad that you're doing well, though..."

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