Visit at night (04/12/08)

It was strange how a person could be so strong, but so weak at the same time.

Sebille had kept on whining until he'd agreed to stay the night. She was handling her situation better than Fenrir could, but... she wasn't entirely happy with it either.

He couldn't blame her.

In the end, they'd both fallen asleep on Seb's bed.

And neither had noticed a tall figure enter the room in the darkness of the night.

Though, Fenrir did fake up when his shadow was by the bed.

And within a second he was wide awake.

Oh fuck! This was the worst case scenario imaginable: He, in bed with Null's woman.
"Shi-- This isn't what it lo---"

Fenrir fell silent in an instant.

Oh god, oh god. He was going to be killed...!

The tall man didn't seem like he cared much, but when did he ever? Fenrir couldn't be quite sure what Null was looking at, as it was dark, but he suspected his eyes targeted Sebille.

His cold fingers stayed on Fenrir's lips for a long while. Too long.

Fenrir's heart was about to beat through his chest. Why had he let Sebille talk him into this?

When the fingers finally left, they reached for that gaudy pendant of his, that Sebille had been keeping on her table.

"I'll be back in two days..." Null's voice was much quieter than usual.

Fenrir still couldn't say a word. Was he going to kill him then? Was it a thread? Would he have to leave the house?

"...Tell her that."

And with that, the man walked away.

Fenrir sighed and thought of what had just happened. He didn't exactly know what he'd thought when he was the two of them in bed... but at least he was alive.

This was undoubtedly the worst night he had ever had.

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