The nervousness after (04/12/08)

Fenrir hadn't been able to sleep after that nightly visit. It had taken ages for his heart to stop racing and his hands shaking.

How could one person be so scary? It was the lack of emotion and threats that made him much more eerie than anyone else. How could Sebille stand it? Seriously.

"Mmh... " She'd just begun waking up and seemed slightly loopy.

" ...We're never doing this again."
Fenrir never wanted to go through that again, if possible.

Sebille rose to her elbow slowly; "What this? It's not like we did anything, right...?"
Was that doubt that just crossed her voice?

"Of course not! ...But that's not the point."

"...Where's the necklace?"
Was she listening to him at all?

"He picked it up."
"He, him. Null."

"Excuse me, who did what? Null!?"

That woke her up completely. Now she was finally seeing it.

"Yeah. I pretty much got a heart attack. He just appeared and I was sure he'd kill me, because hey, imagine how things looked to him..."

"He actually came here? In person? And grabbed his necklace and LEFT!?"
"Uhh... Seb, the point..."
"'I'll come back for it' my ass. Ugh, who does he think he is? He could be on his way to Australia by now, and I might never see him again. Since apparently he's got all that he wants...!"

"...Oh, I'll so kill him if he ever gets back here. And then I'll break his--"
"Seb! He found me in your bed and he almost killed me. Get your priorities straight!"

"Oh pfft! As if he'd bothered to kill you. That necklace of his is far more important than some twerp in my bed."
"Hey, watch who you're calling a twerp. I was scared for my life there!"
"Oh, shush."


...This was going to be a long morning.

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