Returned (14/12/08)

The day had seemed to take forever. It was already evening when Sebille finally got home and ran to Null's door.

This was the day he was supposed to come back.

Luckily he was a man of his word... most of the time. She needed to give him a piece of her mind.

But first she needed something else.

To feel him: "Where the hell were you? Are you alright?"

Null didn't answer but his hand pressed gently on her side.

"God... What happened to your lip?"
"It's not important."

"Not important?" she sighed, dropping her pumps to the floor.

Then, she noticed something else:
"And what's this...?"

"You've broken your arm..?"

Ugly, gruesome thoughts went through her head.

"S'just sprained."
That were replaced by relief, "Just, huh..."

Sebille was ready to give in. She was ready to just hold him tight and hope that this time he stayed by her. But then she remembered all her anger and frustration: "Good. Then I can break it for you."
" ..."

She pulled back and crossed her arms, as though she was cold.
"You sneaked in and stole back your necklace. Kind of lost the point of 'coming back for it'."

"If you thought I'd be mad afterwards, you were wrong. I was furious."

"I even broke things... and I almost broke my mother's vase. Luckily Loupe was there to stop me."
There was a silence.
"Luckily he's there for me, unlike a certain someone."

She was afraid to look at Null, but she felt him move.

She felt his fingertips on her arm and neck, but refused to react to it.
" Someone that can't keep his promises."

She didn't mean to sound quite so bitter. It wasn't like he'd ever promised to be there for her every second of the day. It was unfair of her to expect that of him.

"It's over now..."

Over? Nothing was ever over. Nothing changed.


His voice was low, almost a whisper; "I'll tell you... everything."

Would he really? And did she really want to know?

Sebille had begun to wonder, if he really was the man she'd thought he was. The good moments seemed so scarce in comparison to the bad.

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