Insanity (05/01/09)

After long hours of deliberation, Sebille had reached a conclusion.

Someone breaking into their workplace, sneaking around and illegally changing documents had to be out of their mind.

Especially when the workplace in question was as dangerous as Null's was.

Even if it was for his own good in the end.

"You're insane."

And that was final.

"Doing something like that just to get some contracts changed... it's insanity."

He took hold of Sebille's hand and moved it away.
"Not to mention it was illegal..." she went on.

His voice came out hollow and he refused to turn to her; "I've done worse illegal things than this."

"I know that, but..."

It made her uneasy.

"What you did... scared me. And the way Sebastian called me beforehand."

There was a silence in which Sebille couldn't make words come out of her mouth. She felt Null's eyes on her, expecting more but she couldn't quite collect her thoughts.

"What if they come after you when they notice it?"
She wasn't really talking to Null.

"There's nothing they can do" he lowered his voice signifigally.

His fingers touched her collarbone.

If only that were true and he wasn't just trying to make her feel better.

Null was distracting her, but she wasn't certain if it was on purpose or not.

" ?"

"...You're killing me here."

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