Dark things (18/01/09)

Sebille was on her way back home from work.

For once, she'd had a shorter work day and could get home while it was still light out.

The light made things less depressing.

...Who was that? Standing in the middle of the sidewalk like that.

She knew nothing as depressing as leaving for work when it was still dark and coming back when it had gotten dark again.

But today she could finally spend some quality time with Null. (That meant sitting somewhere together and not talking much at all.)

The stranger was smoking, too. Sebille could smell it.

Well, it was none of her business. It was a free country, and if the guy wanted to freeze out here while having his smoke, that was his problem.

It was just that Sebille rarely saw people, other than those who wanted exercise, on this particular road.

She didn't really pay attention to the fact that the man threw his cigarette to the ground, although he wasn't nearly finished with it.

She did, however, find it a little awkward that the man who'd been standing still for as long as she'd seen him, decided to move just when she walked by.

Not that it was illegal or anything. Just awkward.

But when his hand grabbed her from behind, things got slightly freakish.

What was this? Some sort of werid come-on attempt or an obsessed fan? (Yes, she had a few of those.)

"Wha--- mnnph!"


"Stop that."

This was so, so bad. The man held onto her tightly and Sebille was starting to slip away from her consciousness. Her strenght was fading as well.

She had no chance.

"Good girl."

"Hey, help me carry her to the car!"


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