Confession (22/01/09)

This wasn't something Fenrir wanted to do.

He knocked on the door of a man he was afraid of and walked in.

He didn't really know why the man frightened him this way; it wasn't just regular fear. It was... different. Fenrir wasn't afraid he'd jump up and kill him, or that he'd kill someone he cared about, or that he'd do something to him. No, it was something entirely else that came from the aura that man gave off.

He didn't know how Sebille could stand it, let alone feel comfortable around it.

"I... really don't really want to be here, but this is something..."

"It's something I'd handle this on my own if I could, and I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important."

The man didn't react to him in any way. Fenrir wasn't even positive he was listening.

"I don't know how to say this with tact so I'm just gonna say it..."

"Sebille... she's been kidnapped." He paused.
"...It's my fault, and I can't get her back on my own."

That sounded like he'd gotten her kidnapped on purpose, didn't it? He was saying it all wrong.

Finally, something that peaked the tall man's interest. His visible silver eye moved to Fenrir as the smaller man waited for judgement... or something.

But nothing came.

He seemed as calm as ever, which only made Fenrir more nervous. What if he wasn't going to help at all? What if he was just going to ignore this?

"Talk." He spoke in a way that made Fenrir unable to interpret his intentions. It was a dry tone but not monotonous.

"F-from the beginning?"

He'd help?


Seemed like he would, and Fen knew he wasn't doing it for him, it was for Sebille.

Still, anything to get her back unharmed.

"There were two drug dealers..."

...and he explained it all.

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