Act (25/01/09)

"We've got the drop off point set up now." The nicer man said.

And he spoke again while walking out of the room; "It's happening tomorrow at Noon. I'm gonna go see that everything's like it should be."

Sebille was exhausted. Two days in this hell hole would've drained anyone of their energy.

"Hear that? We're getting our money."

"Great, and you'll finally let me go?"
Sebille couldn't even fake sounding happy.

"Don't think I will. Paying us isn't nearly enough. He's got to pay."

"But he said you'd--"
"Don't care. And you've seen our faces."

Pft. Like that would matter. Fenrir knew what they looked like, who cared if Sebille did too?

They heard the dark skinned man's voice from another room; "Hey what---" then, there was a thud and silence.

"What the hell is he doing now?"

"You've gotto let me go. You can do anything you want with that money, just let me go."
The man seemed distracted; "Let's discuss this later, princess."

And he turned away.

Sebille leaned forward in an attempt to follow him out, but she was still cuffed to the pole.

This was really bad.

Defeated, she looked up at the dark ceiling; still having no idea where she'd been the past two days. She was tired from lack of sleep, her back hurt from the pole, and it seemed like hope was gone.

Why had she been an idiot and got caught by losers like these?

The first man was at least a decent human being, and Sebille couldn't understand why he put up with the crap from the pale guy. She sure as hell wouldn't.

Sebille'd been thinking and hadn't heard anyone approach but she did feel a shadow falling on her.

And from the corner of her eye she saw a figure standing by her.
"What was it this time? A stray cat?" Her voice was tired but filled with mockery.

"No, just me."

A familiar voice spoke.

Sebille's eyes went wide when she turned to face the tall man.

What? How was he here now; without warning, without any sign at all. Wasn't there supposed to be money involved?

Sebille looked at the man in disbelief as he opened her cuffs. He even had a key -when had he swiped that?

Impatient to wait for the other cuff to be open as well, she pulled her hands free.

"Loupe... he talked to you?"
She knew the answer to that even without asking.

"And you came... How did you..."
Sebille recognized concern in his eyes as they moved to meet hers.
"I'm fine... I'm tired, but I'm fine." She couldn't get her thoughts straight, but one of them kept coming back to her over and over again; "You really came."

She slid her arms around his neck and leaned her head on him, glad to feel warmth for the very first time in days.

"Take me out of here" She whispered.

And that he did.

Things weren't quite so simple, she knew it, but right now she just wanted to leave this place.

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