All done (02/02/09)

Having gotten a good nights sleep, Sebille was feeling better. The past few days were beginning to fade under a haze of blurred events.

She was feeling somewhat sheepish; who the hell even got kidnapped?

Null was still there with her, and he was the reason she got any sleep in the first place... while he, himself, probably got none.

She heaved herself up.
"I'm sorry."

" ..."
"I''m sorry for that... outburst last night."

"I'm not being myself at all, am I." She laughed dryly.

"I even put you through the trouble of coming for me... with an injured hand too. I hope you're not mad... at me or Loupe."

He lifted his hand and pulled down the sleeve slightly, looking at it.

"This... is nothing."

He probably was mad. At least at someone.

Sebille didn't know why she turned away.

He was quite the wild dog, injuring his hand most likely wasn't anything new to him. It wasn't something she should worry about.

It was sort of sad, actually.

Null's leg slid down against her side and hands pressed softly on her waist. She felt warm pressure against her back.
"What are you doing?"

He never answered, he had no need to, for Sebille knew what he was doing. He comforted her in his own silent way. The comfortable but awkward calm that they shared never failed to make her feel better.

And she leaned on him. As cheesy as it sounded. he was the bedrock of her current life. Always there to support her footing and never to judge -at least not so that she'd know.

Soft lips made contact with her shoulder.

And as much as she wanted to just stay there with Null, she also wanted to get back on her feet and be the strong Sebille she was used to being. It was all she knew to do at times like these.

She squeezed his hand, moving it away:
"I think... we've been here long enough."

"We should be getting back home..."
" ..."

Nothing, there was nothing in his eyes that would indicate what he was thinking of.

"There are a lot of things I should be doing."

She begun sliding off the bed.

But was pulled back.
"Not yet."

Sebille's words were trailing; "Null... Just because you saved me, doesn't mean that you own me."

Though, he kind of already did -and she enjoyed it.

"I know."


She took his hand again and moved it away; "We should get going back, okay?"

She turned from him once again ready to get off the bed, but stopped to look down; "...You're not going to let go, are you?"

He spoke, amusement in his voice; "No."

Secretly, Sebille was glad: she wasn't ready to return home just yet.

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