Gratitude (15/02/09)


Sebille walked to him, observing his movements.

" ...Shouldn't you keep those on?"

"They restrict movement."
"...That's why they're used."

Oh well, if his wrist felt fine, it probably was too. He'd been wearing those bandages for a while.

"I was supposed to ask you..."
" ..."
"Did L--Fenrir thank you?"


It was just yesterday that they'd returned to the house and the first thing Sebille had done, was to greet her oldest friend. Her friend that had gotten some strange ideas in that head of his.

"I should go thank him for bringing you back."

"Why would you do that? I'm not sure he'd appreciate that... it's not like he did it for you, either."
"I know, but hey, it's common courtesy."
"There's no need to force yourself."

He'd seemed so determined despite the fact that he had already faced Null once, and hated it.


"Oh, okay. Nevermind that then."

Ah, so he hadn't... Though, now Sebille wanted to know how Null would've reacted to a thanks. Would he have been irritated, or embarrassed? Both options felt a little strange, as this was about Null but neither should be unheard of.

"I've been meaning to ask something else as well..."
Sebille felt his eyes on her but didn't lift her gaze to meet them. She was nervous.

"For what reason did you come and get me? And who did you do it for?"
" ..."

She was unable to face him.

"Was it because you wanted to, needed to... or maybe just felt like it..."
The man didn't speak.
"And was it for you... for Fenrir or... for me?"


"Ah, no forget about all that. I'm just glad you did."

She turned back to him.

"And since my retarted friend didn't come and thank you after everything he said, I should show my gratitude instead."

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