Gift? (08/04/09)

Sebille was pretending to look at the scrapbook she'd brought with her, but actually she was looking at Null and contemplating something.

She should just come out and ask him, shouldn't she? What was the worst that could happen?
(Probably him strangling her, haha.)

"Say..." she begun.

The man was turning his bag around in his hands and didn't answer, but Sebille knew he was listening. He always was.

"Is... there something you'd like to get?"

Her voice came out careful as she tried out the new turf she was playing in.

"No." he said and closed the clasp.

As he bent down to put away the bag, the woman came forward; "It could be anything. Anything at all?"

He straightened again and silver eyes travelled to meet hers, "No."

"Oh come on, think. Something you'd like to have, or have done to you or...?"

"There's nothing."

The model sensed irritation from his voice but she wouldn't give up.

"How about..."

"A new hat?"

Null said nothing and Sebille wondered if that was something he might want; it wouldn't be that hard to find, at least.

She watched him bring his hand to the hat slowly.


"I don't believe you." She fixed the hat; "There has to be something you want."

There wasn't a person in the world that didn't want something.


"Your birthday is coming up and I wanted to give you something."

His stance tensed up for a minute.
"You're looking at me like there's more than one person who'd know such a thing and could've told me that." she almost laughed.

The woman hoped he wouldn't be mad at Sebastian; Sebille was the one that had pestered him about it. It'd taken him a while to reveal the date, and he still wouldn't tell her his age. Sebille could only guess how old the man was.


"No, Null."

She slid her hands to his shoulders, "It's not unnecessary. I just wanted an occasion to make you happy."

"No need to."
"Oh right. Because you're the epitome of happiness?" She mocked, "Just tell me what you'd like."

"Drop it, Seb."

Hmph. As if she'd do that now.

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