Birthday (23/04/09)


He'd been acting weird all day. Sebille had seen him in the morning, and the man had seemed irritated. She hadn't even had the chance to talk to him properly before he'd returned to his room.

"Seb? Are you coming?"

Sebille was pulled out of her thoughts; "Ah.. mm."

It was Null's birthday today but Sebille hadn't gotten him anything. He'd been so against it.

But why was he still in his room? The woman hadn't seen him since he went in that morning, although she'd walked by his room several times that day. He hadn't answered to her knocks, either, but the woman was sure he was still inside.

"We won't make the bus if we don't get going now." The shorter woman spoke as she turned away.

Sebille didn't make an attempt to follow her at all, and instead, she turned back towards the direction of Null's room; "Hati."

"Wha'at?" The woman questioned Sebille in an upbeat manner.

The model was sorry to have to dissappoint her friend.

"Would you mind if we took a rain check? There's something I think I need to do, after all..."
"Well, sure, I can just go with Skoll, but..."

Hati was interrupted before she could finish; "Great, thanks. I'll give you a call if I decide to follow up later." Sebille was already heading toward Null's bedroom in a haste.

"Ah. Seb--!" She reached her hand towards the direction her friend dissappeared to; "...What's with her today?"


He was in his room indeed, and the moment she stepped in she realized that something wasn't quite right.

Not only did he seem troubled but he was also wearing his gloves. Inside.

"Null?" She placed her hand carefully on the mans shoulder, getting a hardly audible grunt from him in return; "Leave."

He should know better than to expect her to do something so against her nature. There was no way she was leaving after seeing him like this, even though there were places she'd promised to be.

The man bent forward and his breathing seemed labored. Sebille couldn't see his expression, though, as he covered his face with his gloved hand. From his posture it seemed as if he wasn't feeling well.

"Null..." she spoke again but didn't expect an answer.

She knew there was something wrong, something that wasn't just an everyday nausea. It was deeper than that.

She knew this because Null was never sick and he never showed his feelings openly.

He bent down even more, his breathing only getting heavier.

"Can't... Can't I do anything?" The woman touched his fingertips cautiously, afraid that she might trigger something.

"I..." he began, but did not continue for as long as his face was covered.

Minutes passed before he could calm his breath. But while he seemed to calm down, Sebille's heart seemed to begin racing. She was nervous.

"I... need to--" He cut off the sentence abruptly.

Sebille already knew what he was going to say. She knew from the way he acted and the fact that he wore his gloves. He didn't want to see his hands.

The woman had never thought this would happen, though. She'd thought Null would never feel this way.

But she'd been wrong and now her heart raced as she tried to find a way to deal with the situation.

She finished the sentence for him; "You need to... kill."

But she wouldn't let him.

"You're wrong, Null."
" ..."
"You don't need to do anything." She grabbed his hand, this time feeling more sure of herself and not being shy about touching him. The woman pulled the glove off his hand.

"You have no reason to---" but her sentence was broken off by Null who threw the glove to the floor.

"There are other ways you can release your feelings..." She begun again but was interrupted by Null's movement.


The small woman gasped as strong fingers wrapped around slender neck.

She wasn't as calm as she was the last time Null had done this. She was no longer sure that he wouldn't take it to the finish.

This time, Sebille had a life she didn't want to lose.

She gasped for air as her throat was being pressed under his strenght, and grabbed his arm. It wasn't an attempt to get free, though -she knew she couldn't.

His eyes were empty as he stared down at her, holding his hand firmly at her throat; "You know nothing."

Despite the fact that she wanted to live, Sebille would rather have him kill her than anyone else.

Her world had already started getting dark when his eyes registered the sight before him and his grip finally left her.

Sebille coughed as air filled her lungs again.

She'd told him last time that she'd never want him to do that to her again. And still he had.
She should smack him good for that.

He avoided her eyes.

"N-null... You can do whatever you want with me, just don't..." Her throat hurt and she could still feel his hand on it.
"...Don't go anywhere."

His hand pressed her down again, though this time not by her throat: "Umphh!"

"Do not... talk."

The hand on her chest was holding her down firmly, but it wasn't hurting her. Blue eyes looked at the man, who was now breathing heavily again.


He dropped his forearm fully on the bed and his weight came down on Sebille's body.
"Stop talking." his voice was low and tone stern.

"Null... I don't care what you do now."
Irritation flashed in silver eyes. But they were full of other, unrecognizable, emotions as well.
"Just get over it."

Now, she just looked at him, trying to figure out what went through his mind right this moment. Silver eyes travelled from her to to the side and back again. He grit his teeth together.


His mouth finally crashed to hers for a hard kiss.

His touch was steady without being rough. And he seemed sure of what he was doing -not that he didn't usually, but this time there was something different about his touch.

This would be fine.
As long as he'd go back to being normal, anything would be fine.

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