Another to be hunted? (15/05/09)

The woods were quiet, but not due to the hooved demon moving between the ancient trees.

Something was trespassing in his forest and didn't even bother to conceal itself. Such audacity irritated the hunter.

Nobody entered his territory without permission and lived to tell about it. He'd rid the forest of this intruder in a blink of an eye.

This spot was just right, and so he kneeled down with his weapon at hand.

The target was moving rapidly at a 340 meter distance and closing. The ancient shapeshifter could not miss, for he was using Ranger's hands and bow.

191 meters now... but pinpointing the location was getting difficult for an unknown reason.

"Hopefully, it is not I that you're attempting to shoot down." An unfamiliar voice spoke from behind him.

The hunter groaned and lowered his bow. He absolutely hated to be snuck in on from behind. It shouldn't even be possible in these woods of his.

"Who are you?" His voice was filled with disdain towards the intruder.

"A poisonous woman that shouldn't be pointed at." Answered a voice with equal disdain.

The ancient hunter stood up leaving the weapon on the ground; it would be of no use at such short range. "You trespass on this One's territory."

"My, you're just as conceited as I've heard."
As the woman spoke, the hunter spotted movement behind her.

A stinger, something that should not have place in human form at all. There was much more to this creature than met the eye.

A poisonous woman indeed. The hooved demon laughed in his low tone.

"Did I say something amusing, my dear?"
The forest floor rustled. "And should you be quite so relaxed in a presence of a stranger?"

Cloven feet were set on the dry forest moss, and no answer was spared for the woman.

"Tell them this Kilbas can handle his turf by himself."

Why would they send another to his area, surely they knew he'd never needed help and never would.

Her stance was relaxed, almost playful. And while she looked to be full of openings, the hunter felt there was still something more to her...

"Them? I am not a part of your clan, nor will I ever be. It would do you well to get informed every once in a while."


"Then, get gone at once! This One does not want you here."

The woman laughed in such an offensive manner that Kilbas was forced to grit his teeth together to maintain his anger.
"Oh, I am not going anywhere now."

The hunter's fingers twitched.

How did this woman dare...?

"Not while there's something tasty around."

She stood up oddly swiftly and walked past the demon, her dangerous tail following behind.

"Follow me." The hunter was about to speak but was boldly interrupted by the female creature; "And leave that weapon here, I'm not here to fight you."


The demon had had time to calm him self, though he had not gotten over the humiliation of having something else lead the way in his forest.

"What is it you want, woman?" He leaned against a tree, his guard still up.

"I thought I would warn you... A hunter slayer has been seen in this area. It is not the safest of places at this time."
"Do you think this One would be such an easy target that he would be easily slayed by the likes of such wanderer?" Just how far was this woman planning on taking her insults?

"Oh, it seems you have met him?"

"This One has."
" I can then safely presume he is the reason you have been unable to complete your mission of hunting down the intruder from several seasons past?"

How did this creature know so much?

"Oh..." A confident smirk spread across her lips; "So you just haven't felt like it? Because I could inform the clan and ask them to send reinforcements to help you with your mission. Would that not be considerate?"

The hooved demon felt his temper rise again; "Do not."

"Ah~haa. I suppose you will let me stay a while, then?"
"Do you give this One a choice, woman."

"Stop calling me 'woman'."
She fell down on the moss, as seductively as she did everything else. And although there was a relaxed aura around her, Kilbas knew he could not attack without putting himself in danger.
"Call me... Seere."

Seere, the demon prince from the ancient texts? How arrogant. Some low-life demon taking the name that instills fear even in the most fearless.

Although she seemed weak, the demon knew she wasn't. That poisonous stinger of hers was never relaxed, no matter how full of opening she, herself, was. But was she worthy of that name? Hardly.

"What do you want here?"

"I just want to play~"


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