Revelations -Part 1- (17/05/09)

A platform boot boldly stomped on the soft ground between cloven feet.

The hooved demon had his back against the wall -so to speak.

This woman was not only irritating but forceful as well.
"Would you stop following this One?" He spoke his voice not as stern as he had intented.

"Nope. You'll have to do until my new plaything makes an appearance again ♥"

She came closer, eyeing the demon's lips; "Not that I complain..."

Did this woman have no sense of danger?

The hunter grabbed her wrist, pushing the hand farther away from him self.
"You had better wish your 'plaything' has nothing to do with this One's target."

The woman still stared right at his lips, as if she were speaking to them; "The boy from the dead world? Oh no, he seems undeniably tasty but I have my eye on someone even tastier."

[Well, am I glad to hear that.] A voice out of nowhere interrupted the two; [I was beginning to worry he would have more than one taker.]

Both demons immediately turned towards the unknown speaker, which neither had noticed before now.

A hooded figure sat on a mossy rock within a striking distance from the pair, holding a sword ready.

Kilbas groaned: this situation did not make him happy.

Seere measured the stranger from head to toe in a matter of seconds.

Of course, the sword and it's details didn't go unnoticed by the keen-eyed scorpion lady:
"Well, well, well... If it isn't the hunter slayer from the rumors."

None other carried that famous sword.

[How peculiar to see you here, Seere.]
The hooded figure spoke casually, as if they were old pals.

"Do I know you?" The woman raised her brow, sure that she had not met such a nuisance before.

[I should say so.]

The man took off his hood but before he could properly reveal his face...

...the woman war already before him: "Kheperer!"


[It has been a while.] The old demon spoke while a blank smile played on his lips.

Seere sat down next to him, her body language speaking of an old acquaintance. Still, one with a keen eye would notice that both kept their guard up and that their seemly friendship was very much superficial.

"A millenia, at least."

While the two got reacquainted the hooved demon moved cautiously around them.

"I had my doubts but couldn't be sure... The descriptions are vague at best and you didn't carry Odin's blade with you back then."
[I had to leave it in a safe place that time, due to... unforeseen circumstances.] He paused in the middle of his sentence to glance to his left side.

[By the way, would you be a dear and give me a little more personal space? That is making me rather uncomfortable...]
"Hmm?" Seere seemed clueless.

[...Your stinger.]

And the woman laughed.
"I'm so used to it I keep forgetthing it's there at all." she smiled sneakily.

"There is a a place I'd rather be at anyway." She stood up in a manner that could be interpreted as playful.

Walking the path Kilbas had taken just moments ago, she passed the elderly demon. Khepre's eyes never left the sringer; he knew how fast she could be if she wanted to strike.

To the wanderer's  amusement and Kilbas' irritation she sat down by the hooved demon again -knowing full well he did not enjoy her company -yet.

"Had I known you'd become a hunter slayer, I would've killed you back when I met you." although she was by the hunter, she spoke to the elderly demon.

[You could have tried.} He responded confidently, examining the odd-looking pair.

Much to the hunter's discomfort Seere leaned against his leg -as if she were a lover of his. She knew very well, he'd switched location to avoid her in the first place, and still she wouldn't leave him be.

"It can't be a coincidence that you are here with the boy, Kheperer."

[I am shielding him from certain beasts of ancient lore... for the time being.]

"He does not belong here." the demon spoke with his voice low and disdainful.

[Neither do you nor I...]

Khepre turned his eyes to the scorpion; [Nor does this descendant of the demon prince here.]

Seere laughed, amusement seeping from the short display of emotion.


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