Revelations -Part 2- (17/05/09)

"You have taken your insults too far!" The hunter raised his voice and tossed his arm to the side without being entirely sure of why it irritated him so much.

Such a thing could not be the truth.

"What kind of an ignorant fool would..."

He grabbed the womans hair roughly, pulling a cry from her lips; "Aahh!"

"...Would name a lower class demon after such a legendary ruler?" he continued, anger in his tone.

The hunter yanked her roughly back to the forest floor.

[Oh, but she is undoubtedly a descendant of his and named accordingly.] The wanderer was amused. He was amused that the usually so cautious hunter now had grabbed the woman without a second's thought and made himself vulnerable to that tail of hers.

[It would be ignorant to name a child such now, but at the time of her birth it was important to differentiate the royal of blood from the muck.]

Even in his world things had been so some three millenia ago.

The hunter pointed his shaking finger at the woman; "It is not true!"

"The prince was no arachnid."

"Oh, no..."

The scorpion woman sat up with such grace that if one had not bore witness to the earlier event, one would not know she had been struck down at all.

"But his bloodline has been mixed, which you should know all about, shouldn't you; ancient hunter demon of the forest?"

" ..."

The woman still fixed her hair pulling twigs from her locks and speaking in a casual tone; "You are no more ancient than I am. No... you are still a child in comparison -even if your strenght and experience far exceeds others of your generation."

"Silence your tongue, woman."

Kilbas knew this to be true, and he had never tried to hide it either. It was all because of the myths and vague descriptions that went around about hunters that he was thought to have been alive since the days of the hell demons.

"Does it bother you that there are other descendants of the rulers of the myths beside yourself?"

[Others?] Khepre's interest was now piqued; [Do not tell me...]

His eyes turned to the hunter that was now standing: [...Count Marax?]

The hooved demon was silent now.

"Although to me, that's just what they are: myths."
She made sure to keep her tone as indifferent as possible as she continued; "I don't care about Seere, Marax, Zagan or any of the other rulers." She shrugged.

"That is why you will never understand this One."
The ancient hunter was now already on his way deeper into the forest. He had had enough of this farce.

"If you do not leave this place, this Kilbas shall hunt you down along with the target."

And with that he dissappeared into the woods in a matter of minutes.

"Did I make him mad? ♥"

[You would be wise to not anger him further in this place.]
The demon looked up at the treetops and a pensive look visited his features.

He would need to look into this hunter's bloodline now.

The woman looked up as well, but failed to see what he saw; "What's so special about here?"

[Have you met the forest, Seere?]


[You will not understand before you do.]

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