Games (14/07/09)

The ancient creature put his weapon down.

He would not be hunting or eating rabbit today. The demon leaned on the large tree.

The reason he wouldn't get his dinner was sitting close by.

"Don't let me bother you. Just... carry on."

How did she find him so soon? He'd taken care to hide his trail and he was an expert in moving in this terrain. And then there was the forest that was on his side, but did not care more for her than it did for any other creature not born in it. The scorpion should not be able to follow him with such ease.

"My meal will not appear with you here." His voice was flat and emotionless as he let go of the last of his will to hunt.

"Oh dear, that is unfortunate." The female demon clearly did not care about the hunter's lost dinner.

A cunning little smile played on her lips; "How about we do something together, then?"

"Forget it."

He just wanted to be alone.


The morning was warm and the woods were alive.

Fingertips slid along a sharp blade.

The hunter's irritation had passed, which was rare considering the fact that he had not been able to rid himself of his female company yet.

The scorpion wondered when her new plaything would appear. Playing games with the hunter passed the time, but he was not quite as delicious as the man she'd decided to have next.

And Kilbas was no fun when he hid from her. She didn't let it show, but she'd had to track him for days in the forest, as he had made finding his trail and catching up to him nearly impossible.
Not that she would ever tell him that, it was far too pleasing to see him wonder how she always found him so easily.

"I suppose I should thank you for sharing your... moss with me." Every word that left Seere's lips seemed to be the means to tease the demon.

But the hunter ignored her attempt to irritate him; "What are your relations to the hunter slayer, woman?"

Oh no, he didn't.

"...What do you take me for?"
" ?"
"We spend one night together, and you expect me to spill my secrets to you?"

"Honey, I'm not looking to get a soulmate here."
"But I might tell you after some other time..."

"Do not delude yourself, woman. There will not be another time."

Kilbas would never admit that he found her alluring -at the very least. He was a loner, but once or twice every decade he did seek company from things other than the forest.

But with the she-demon he could never let his guard down...

The reason was that tail of hers. He did not want to get to know it better.

The ancient demon stuck his blade into the moss.
"What do you want from this One?"

Keeping her eyes downcast, she laughed; "I want nothing from you."

Then, she looked up at the demon who was now facing her; "Actually no... I would indeed like another night with you. Perhaps in your cave next time."

"No woman will ever enter there." The disdain that had been gone a while, had now made its way back to his voice.

"Aww... I so wanted to see it."

She was enjoying ignoring the growing irritation of her company.

After minutes of glaring at her and thinking, he finally spoke, "Do you really descend from the demon Prince?"

He still could not believe it and it was clear in his voice. It was not something he'd be able to let go until he was absolutely sure. Demon Prince's descendant... such creatures should not live in this time and age.

The female demon turned on her back and slid her fingertips along his lower leg in a way that could be considered alluring, "As surely as you are related to Count Marax."

She knew the hunter wanted information from her, but she had absolutely no obligation to tell him anything. She was here for her own amusement only.

The subject needed to be changed;
"How about we go again?"

But the demon leaned over her.

"If you have no intention of telling this One what I want to know, you will leave here."

His sharp nail was pointing straight at Seere's eye.

"This One does not play games."
He was no longer fun.

"How mean you are..."

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