Nyx -part 2- (26/07/09)

Her beautiful dress was possibly ruined forever now.
Ugh! She hated this place.

"Why do you tresspass in this One's forest?"

Nyx turned to look and saw a (rather good-looking) demon sitting a stone's throw away from her.

The woman wished the stranger had not seen her stumble, for it had not been fitting for her grace. She took her time sliding her fingers through her locks, while she measured the newcomer from head to toe... or in this case; hoof.

"I'm..." She hesitated, "Looking for you, handsome."

" ...Why?" he sounded mildly curious but mostly indifferent.

He was entirely good lover-material. Maybe a little dirty, but it was nothing a good bath wouldn't fix.

She sat down, but her attempt at looking seductive fell short as the wet moss made her slip.

Nyx's balance was shot and she slid to the side slightly. A small cry of surprise spilled from her lips; "Ahh."

How could she be so disgraceful in the presence of others? She brought shame to her Lord.

The shadow demon recovered herself and intentionally leaned into the light, thinking it made her more seductive; "Because you, handsome, are quite the catch."
She slid her fingers gracefully along her thigh.
"Wouldn't you like to be my lover?"

But the response she received was not one she had been expecting. There was obviously something wrong with his eyes.

"Leave this place."
"Excuse me?" Did her ears deceive her?
"This One does not welcome you here. Leave."

The hooved demon started moving, and the way in which he did so surprised Nyx. How could he do it so... nimbly?

"Wait. Do not dare leave me here!"

But the man did not listen and was quickly out of her sight.


The woman, however, would not give up.

She may not know where she was but now she knew what she wanted: a new lover in the form of the demon male, whose name she had not caught.

To barely manage keeping up with the man, she had to crawl and grovel at places she could not walk. There was plenty of cursing involved.

"Wait for me..." she gasped into the boundaries of her scope, no longer able to see the lover-to-be.

Her dress was shot, and so was her sense of direction. Not that the shadow demon would ever admit either fact.


There was a hearty laugh.

"May I ask... what are you attempting to do?" An unfamiliar female voice spoke.

" ...!?"
How did the insolent woman DARE sneak up on her and LAUGH at her?

"Who are you?" Nyx inquired, still on all fours.
"Just someone that wonders what a... person like yourself is doing in this neck of the woods."

The woman's arrogance was unforgivable. Nyx fixed herself into a sitting position of grace, as if she never had crawled all around the muck.
"How dare...? Do you not know who I am?"

"I really don't." she replied indifferently, which more than anything, made Nyx's temper rise again.

"Hmph." She fixed her hair and straightened her back, looking proud and elegant (as well as she could in the situation); "I am the only wife of Kreios, the Lord of the Underworld."

"Ohhh!" The scorpion woman's voice was full of surprise and Nyx smiled smugly. Now she knew how impudent she had been -whoever she was. She would now apologize for her impertinence.

"I had a thing with him once upon a time. I've wondered how he is." She smiled in a way that seemed sweet but the shadow demon knew it wasn't.

"Wha--- How dare you lie in my presence! My Lord would never do such a thing to me, his wife. And definitely not with the likes of you."

"Oh honey, you're not quite in the position to take that tone with me. Or am I to understand you are capable of finding your way out of here by yourself?"

"What. Or course I am."

What audacity to imply that she, Nyx, would not be able to make her way to where she wanted.

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