Kay's return (16/08/09)

Kay sat on the couch, trying to remember what was the last thing he remembered before entering the house that day. According to the paper, time had skipped a few months.

Not a bad jump.

He looked at his hand. Everything seemed normal, too, no strange scratches or bruises. They sometimes appeared and at times were beyond painful.

At first he'd thought this was amnesia because his childhood was missing bits and pieces as well, but after a while he'd realized it couldn't be. He never aged during his time losses, and sometimes they were years, sometimes decades. He'd settled for accepting that it happened, but still couldn't understand how others didn't do it, or if they did, never talked about it.

A woman he had never seen before entered the room, her heels clattering on the cold stone.

"Quite the outfit on you." He commented, wondering who she was, and at the same time really hoped she wasn't somebody he knew but had forgotten.

"I hope you don't mind it. I didn't have time to change when I heard you were back." Her voice was beautiful and it flowed like liquid.


" ...?"

He'd heard every word, but the contents didn't quite register as his eyes and mind were elsewhere.

"N-no... I don't mind."

What the hell was he looking at? He had a girlfriend...! 
At least he hoped he still did.

The stranger sat right down on his lap and he begun to wonder if he'd met her before after all...? But how could he forget someone like her?

Kay's voice was now slightly panicked; "E-hey, lady! Are you sure you're not mistaking me for someone else!?"

"I don't think so. You are Kay, yes?"

What, you're not sure? -he thought.

"Then no mistake here." Her voice softened from before, although it still wasn't what you would call gentle. There was something creepy about her.

"I have been waiting for you." she almost whispered, and her nailless finger pressed on his lip.

A what?! The man grabbed her wrist and moved her whole hand away to see the eerily long fingers clearly.

"What the hell happened to your hand, lady!"

"Nothing you should worry about. Relax honey." She was as calm as ever, but Kay on the other hand, was not.

Relax? Realax!? Kay had seen some weird things in his life, but this took the cake.

He spotted something to his right. Something he had to grab a second look of, before it registered. That's how absurd it was.

A freaking scorpion tail that actually MOVED.

Kay jumped backwards -although he wasn't able to get far with the woman on his lap; "What the hell is that!?!?"

"I told you I didn't have time to change... I thought you said it was okay." A small amount of hurt visited her liquidy tones, while she didn't seem upset at all -if anything, she was amused.

"W-what? You're in costume o-or something?"

"No." She fixed her posture.

"I was going to get into one."

What the hell!?

"But I didn't have time, seeing that you were back."
" ..."
"I wanted to see you so."

"U'uh... Lady, I have a girlfriend...!"

He still hoped he did. Women had the tendency to get all pissy about his missing time and usually dumped him.

"Oh, I don't mind."

What the hell was her deal!?

"And you can call me Seere... although I rather enjoy 'lady', too."

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