Not yours (02/09/09)

Seere was waiting.

She'd entered the autumny woods knowing that a confrontation was coming up. No need to bother and try to find Mr. Grumpy as she knew he'd find her.

And she had been right.

The woman had not been sitting on her mossy rock for long when she caught a glimpse of movement to her right. The hunter was fast and moved with amazing agility in the rough terrain of the woods.

Before she could open her mouth for a greeting, her hat had flown off of her head, rolled down a hill and landed on the forest floor.

And  a heavy hoof was pressing her abdomen.

"What was that?" The demon spoke through gritted teeth. His voice was like spikes piercing into flesh.

Seere watched with amusement as the man got down on top her. "My, if you wanted to be on top, you could've just said so." She was joking but her voice came out cold.

"This is not a joke."

The nuisance was really getting on his nerve, and it was time she was taught to not mess with the hunter any longer.

He pulled out the sword that rested on his belt.

But her long fingered hand pressed on the handle and stopped it's movement efectively; "Now, now. You really don't want to do that." her liquidy notes emphasized every word.

As amusing as his anger was, the scorpion did not tolerate sharp objects pointed at her; "You are forgetting your place, hunter."

She did not care about roughness or verbal abuse but an attempt on her life really pushed her buttons.

Kilbas glanced to his right and froze. The female demon seemed so weak and so full of openings that he had actually forgotten her poison. And it was not the first time either. There was weakness in him and that was what irritated him more than anything the woman could do or say. She needed to be eliminated and soon.

"Off me now, please." her cold voice sounded in the sudden silence of the forest.

He slowly stood back up, eyeing the woman's stinger cautiously as he did so.


A few moments later Kilbas was leaning against a tree close by.

His anger had overtaken his senses and he had not seen things clearly. The hunter was not as ancient as he was thought to be, and they both knew it. In terms of age the demon trash was superior, but when it came to fighting experience Kilbas was sure he was above.

Still, one that could not defend themselves could not have lived this long. He needed to keep cautious.

"Did you not say your appearance did not relate to this One." All the 'you's in his sentence seeped contempt.

The hunter kept glaring at her while waiting for the woman to speak, and Seere could feel it. But she was not in a hurry to answer. Tormenting him brought her amusement beyond everything else right now.

Seere flicked dirt off her skirt casually. "It doesn't."

"As I said: it's not you I have interested in. Or do you now claim that he is you?"

Kilbas couldn't make the claim, but it did not change the fact that the demon woman had put her fingers in his business by making moves on Kay.
"He is not yours to play with."

"Oh, yes he is. I don't see you stopping me... or him for that matter."
The man was powerless to resist her.

The hunter glenched his fists so that claws pressed thtough the shirt into his own skin: "Kay does not need distractions. This One warns you."

She laughed mockigly, he could warn her all he wanted: "You can always stop bringing him back if it bothers you so much."

The hunter needed Kay for his purposes. Creating another persona now would be wasting centuries of work. Doing a full shapeshift with a new consciousness was much more complicated than a partial one, and could not be created over night. The woman could never understand.

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