The wolf was penetrating deeper into the forest, and for a while now, he had been sensing another beast in the area. Normally he would not go so deep into the territory of another, but now he had to.

Though he had not been sure of what it was.

Before now.

A hooved creature emerged from between the trees.

He couldn't quite make out what sort of a creature the hooved one was, but it did not seem pleased at his appearance.

Cepheus did not want to disturb the creature but he had to walk through here.

Finally, the hooved one spoke; "Why does a wolf wader alone into this one's woods?" it's voice came out low, while silver eyes scorned the wanderer. There were enough things passing in his woods without new ones coming and going as they pleased.

"I am just passing through..." the wolf replied, trying to keep things calm.

"These woods are not for you to pass through." it spoke again, while walking closer warily.

And then it continued; "This hunter does not tolerate wolf-human scum on his territory."

It called itself a hunter. Ceph didn't care much about other creatures but he did know what a hunter was. It was ancient and strong... and above all; it was here.

It seemed like passing though this way wouldn't work.

"I am not here to disturb anyone. I am only looking for a wolf-cub." The wolf intentionally mentioned the little one as to watch the reaction of the demon. Depending on his answer, he might need to make a move, even if it was a bad one.

"This one does not regard little creatures." the contempt in it's voice would not go away, "Begone!"

Talking to the hunter was useless, it was as it was told: it only lived to carry out it's mission. But at least it didn't look like it would attack small creatures, even if he cared not for them.

Suddenly, there was a rustle and a thud as something moved in the corner of his eye.

Another hooved creature was sitting on the moss, it had seemingly dropped from the tree. But Cepheus had not smelled it at all. Even now, it only gave off a faint smell of trees and moss and nothing else.

The hunter grunted slightly at the appearance but said nor did anything.

"Who--" the wolf began.

But was interrupted by the little-thing with antlers: "Enki likes the tangled-fur-thing." It pointed at the wolf. "It treats us nice."

"...You do?" and now, the disrespect in the hunter's voice was gone.

Cepheus treated who nice? What was this thing and how did it know him?

And then, the creature stood in front of him, "Fur-thing shouldn't come this way. Kilbas is grumpy. Kilbas is always grumpy."
"Kilbas?" Ceph's eyes glanced toward the hunter, he couldn't think of anyone else called that.

The creature put it's hands behind it's back shyly; "This is wrong way for you."


"Little fur-cub is that way. It keeps us company."

The wolf looked in the direction this creature called 'Enki' pointed at.

"Who is he wi---" he began, but the creature was already gone.

The wolf looked around but it was nowhere to be seen. It's faint scent was gone, too.

Then, he looked at the hunter again, unsure of what to do.

If he were to continue the way he was going, he'd have to confront the ancient demon, which could prove fatal. If went the way the little hoofling had showed he wouldn't have to worry about the hunter but he could not be sure if it had told him the truth.

The hunter answered him before he could ask the question; "Enki does not lie." If not for the disdain that had made it's way back to the demon's voice Cepheus thought they could have gotten along, were the circumstances different.

The wolf accepted the suggestion. It was much better than a fight right now.

He had no time for such delays.

It was much more important to find the cublet.

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