Still lost

Nyx had had enough.

She didn't know which way was which, and it was cold.

The whole place was clearly mocking her.

First her shoes had caused her inconvenience (she'd thrown them away for that, obviously) and now it had gotten so so cold.

"What? You're still here?"

The shadow demon looked up. Who dared to talk to her in such disrespectful manner!?

"Oh. It's you again." she managed to sound thoroughly displeased. This was a creature which Nyx had wanted the least to see.

Seere was amused and couldn't hide the curve of her lips, "I can't believe you've stayed... could it be that you can't find your way out?"

Every word coming out from between those foul lips mocked the shadow demon.

The self-procklaimed goddess attempted to tame her tangled hair; "I am perfectly capable of getting out of here myself... I just have not felt like it yet."

She summoned all the dignity she could into her voice.

The scorpion wasn't impressed with her dignified explanation, though; "Okaay..."

How could someone be so stubborn? Clearly she hated the place, but there was just no way she'd admit it, was there?

Nyx refused to look at the arrogant woman. "I shall leave when I feel like it."

The woman took a more comfortable pose, and spoke again in a manner that could be considered as alluring; "And here I was thinking I'd show you the way out..."

"W-well... I suppose... I could let you show the way..." she spoke tentatively, not wanting to admit that she did not know which way was what. She would do what she must to be reunited with her husband.

Then, she heard rustling from her right.

Finally, she'd be rescued. It must be her husband coming to find her at last.

But it wasn't.

Nyx could not recognize the creature.

Seere had also taken notice of him, and her tail moved cautiously into a position where it was ready to strike.

It was a man! Nyx knew how to handle men.

She would not need to lower herself to following the filthy scorpion out of here. The Shadow Goddess now had a strong male creature to serve her and bring her to civilization.

The wolf demon noticed Nyx sitting on the rock. He had smelled something, but this was certainly not what he had expected to find. Why would anyone come here in that assemble?

The blue haired woman thought he was a little dirty, but Nyx did not want to be picky. She could overlook his faults if he carried her out of this place (and preferably bathed himself before touching her).

She fixed her hair, making sure he would see her at her best, and then fall for her feminine charms. She if anybody knew how to work the female body.

"Who are you?" spoke Seere, before the shadow demon had time to start her seduction ritual. Who did she think she was? Nyx had seen him first and the scorpion filth had no right to speak to him.

The masked male turned his head toward the scorpion, and his eyes widened as he recognized her features.
"Xanthe" he breathed out quietly.

The word just barely carried to Seere's ears.
"It's not my name, but I'm fine with anything you decide to call me" she smiled deviously. He was very much pleasing to the eyes.

No, it definitely was not her, but the resemblance was uncanny. Cepheus could not take his eyes off her.

Wait, what? This wasn't right.

Nyx was so shocked and appalled by the behaviour of that woman that she was rendered speechless.

"How about we go somewhere... private?" she suggested to the stranger.

" ...Yes"
This was what he needed right now. What were the odds of bumping into someone looking like her in a place like this? Very nill, he'd say.

"Excume me, but I'm still here---" Nyx faltered surprisingly unsure of herself all of a sudden.

And Seere rudely interrupted the woman; "You wait right here. Don't move. I'll come pick you up later."

And with that, she left with Nyx's man, disgustingly groping him with her eyes.

The Shadow Goddess so much in shock her mouth was left slightly open. How did anyone dare to be so RUDE in her presence. Did they not know who she was!? Did they not think her husband wouldn't punish them for their insolence!?

And what was most humiliating, she could not leave at the risk of never making it out of this cursed forest. Everything in this place seemed to mock her very being.

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