The cold air filled his lungs.

Nion was glad he had been able to escape the house and its humans. He didn't have conflicts with them or anything else of the sort, but he grew tired of pretending to be something he wasn't.

Out here he could be free -as long as he kept a look out.

He carefully sensed auras of living thing around him, making sure nothing was lurking close-by. Khepre had thaught him this and it had allowed him to go to the forest and stay away from the hunter. He was not so skilled that he could be completely carefree but he was able to sense creatures from a distance where he still had time to run away. He'd had some close calls before but still gotten away safely.

His elder had deemed his progress acceptable and with the help of his Claymore he might even survive an encounter with a being stronger than him. But neither Khepre nor Nion was willing to bet on it.

Suddenly, something pulsed within Somnion.

He turned his head as a familiar feeling filled his senses.

It took him a while to figure out where he knew this sensation from, but soon it hit him.

He had felt this when he'd been 'banished' from his world. In other words: when he had been sucked into the portal and thrown into this dimension. The air cracked as energy was formed.


Weaponless as he was, he knew he should run away but Nion was curious. He wanted to see who or what would be coming. It could be someone from his world, also banished and in need of help. (And he had never seen a portal this way before.)

A door of pure energy opened up in thin air, creating swirling hot and cold winds around it. A large scaled foot emerged first, soon followed by the rest of the rather majestic creature.

No, it certainly wasn't anyone in need of assistance. This scent was familiar but also partially unknown to him.

He thought it was the hunter, Kilbas, but what was with this form?

Somnion had never seen this before and didn't know what it meant.

Finally he was home. The ancient creature sighed as he let the familiar scents fill him. The door from a distant and archaic world closed behind him, letting the vast amounts of energy vanish into thin air.

He despised the temple he had just left behind. There was nothing wrong with the edifice itself but the fault lay in it's inhabitants; the highest of the Hunter Clan. Kilbas did not appreciate being summoned and judged.

Finally he could be alone again and concentrate on what he did best.

Speaking of which... Kilbas knew this scent.

Yes, it was definitely the same Hunter he had met before but he had done something to himself.

Khepre's words of the creature's capabilities came back to him: 'He was not a shapeshifter through magic, he became the form he took'. This clearly wasn't a complete form but he felt far stronger now than before.

He knew he needed to run, his Claymore wasn't with him and he could not survive this alone. He wanted to run. He really did, but his feet only trembled and would not move an inch.

The hunter cursed in his mind and  lifted his hood to see the source of the scent.

He cursed the fates. Did his target have to fall on his path this exact moment over any other? This was the one time he could not, or would not, pursue the hunt although he was sure the prey was ripe and ready to be picked.

Despite just having been stressed this particular creature needed to be eliminated with haste, he did not have the least bit of desire to hunt down a target now. The dragon clan were not hunters of this kind; they were strong and patient and capable of a kill but not in this way.
His mind wasn't clear as he had made changes to his personality for this summon. He would not be able to keep up in this place and weather at this time. As much as he hated to admit; he would not have the upper hand here.

The hunter just stared and Somnion, who was getting increasingly anxious. Did he have any chance at all?

He'd have to risk it... perhaps he could create a diversion that would be enough for a head start.

The demon slowly lifted up his clawed hand, readying a spell in his mind.

But stopped as the stronger creature turned away.

"This one can not follow, if you flee now." a low vengeful voice reached his ears.

He was given yet another chance? Nion could not believe his incredible luck.

He didn't know the demon couldn't follow, but he didn't need to be told twice. He would be gone within seconds and away from his reach once again.

Silver eyes watched as the young creature dissappeared into the less deep woods.

He had known he would come to hate this form sooner or later, but he'd had no idea it would be this soon. The dragon form was the only one that could conceal his temper from the Clan Leaders and keep himself in line during the whole of the evaluation.

He would not get a third chance like this, but he would certainly complete this mission before the summer flowers bloomed again. His pride would not let him request more time, no matter what he would have to go against.

Their next encounter would end in a death of one.

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