On the road

Kilbas was roughly half-way to his residence from the point where he had entered this dimension.

He was tiring of the cold but had decided against morphing back to his preferred form. He would be more resistant to extreme temperatures but wading through the snow would be more exhausting. But the main reason for not switching was that he didn't find this place secure enough for the process.

All of a sudden there was sound in the silent forest: a fast paced flutter of small wings, not quite those of a bird, was approaching.

"Kilbas is back~" rejoiced a small bell-like voice.

The creature's scent of moss and hay was almost lost to Kilbas in the crisp, frosty air.

"Enki was so lonely!"

The creature explained as it was descending.

The landing would have been perfect, if not for the soft snow that made the spirit's hooves sink at the moment of contact.


The wee creature managed a look of utter confusion as he assessed the new situation;
"Enki might be stuck..." he pondered timidly as the Hunter looked on.

"Yes... stuck he is."
" ..." Kilbas had no words for this.
"And it's cold :<"

Enki flailed his arms helplessly at Kilbas, "Up, please!"

Sometimes the Hunter really had to question this creature's capabilities.

Kilbas sighed defeatedly as he knelt down and reached his clawed hand towards the spirit.

"Hurry, hurry."

Once he was safely back on top of the snowdrift instead of under it, Enki voiced his new observation: "Kilbas has toes!"

The demon looked at the creature, deciding it was safe to leave now: it couldn't possibly do the same mistake twice. The toe-remark was also ignored completely by him.

He turned his back on Enki and took steps in a direction that was away. He needed to be on his way as it was imperative that he be closer to his cave before sundown.

"Enki will tell all his friends he was saved by big-toed Kilbas." He waved at the half-dragon.

Kilbas stopped and turned his head to the side, not bothering to completely look at the forest spirit;
"Try not to sink again."

"Enki will stay safely on top of snow from now on. Yes." rang a small voice in response.

Now, which route had he intented to take again...

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