Darkness enters

Okay, now she just needed to grab her folder and be on her way.

"So, you're what all the fuss is about."
Spoke an unfamiliar voice from right behind the woman.

Sebille spun around, laying her eyes on... the chest of a stranger.

She lifted up her gaze. The man before her was at least as tall as Null, and somehow... eerie.


"I didn't expect you to be so... pink." the stranger murmured in a mild Russian accent.

"Who--? What do you wa...nt...?" Her voice wavered under his gaze.

"But I can see the attraction." The man spoke as though his own voice was the greatest thing in this world. And although the corners of his mouth were curved to a slight smile, his eyes were stone cold.

"I wondered..." He took a step forward.

And Sebille backed away instinctively.

This man was scary.

This man was more than scary.

"...what kind of a woman would stand that guy."

What guy? Who was this man?

The woman bumped into her dresser, not being able to get further away from him.

The man's long fingers lifted up her chin, and Sebille froze at his touch.
"What do you say, want to have some fun with me too?"

She couldn't speak, she could barely even hear him with her heart thundering in her ears. It felt like it would jump right through her chest.

This man would not take no for an answer.

"He doesn't have anything I don't. Money, looks... I'm sure I can satisfy you as well." He paused, "No, I'm positive you'd prefer me over that emotionless lump of flesh."

Sebille was still frozen. It was unlike her to be so timid, but she was terrified of this man. So terrified she was barely listening to what he was saying.

The model managed to wrap her shaking fingers around the neck of the bottle her fingers had bumped into earlier. She thought, if she could just swing it hard enough...

But before she could even lift it, the man had already reached down to grab her hand.

"Tsk tsk. We'll have none of that."

"What a bad girl you are. Thinking of striking me."

Sebille could hear the smirk in his voice. "Do you know what I do to bad girls?"

His arm in her lower back pulled her against him, and the woman could not resist. She couldn't even struggle.

She knew it would be of no use. Not against someone like him.

"First, I'll take you away from here."

He disgusted her.

" ..."
Nothing he could do to her would surprise her, and if she closed her mind it wouldn't hurt her either.

Even her heart had calmed down now. She had given up.

"And then..."

All of a sudden, the Russian was yanked away from the small woman.

It took the man a moment to regain his balance as he staggered back.

Though, it seemed to Sebille, like he'd done it on purpose.

"Oh, you. I thought the boss summoned you."
Finally, the tone of his voice changed from amused to unimpressed. But his eyes were suddenly very alert.

"I double-check my summons." Null spoke, his voice dangerously low.

"How paranoid." The stranger replied dryly, his smirk never leaving his thin lips.

Sebille had backed down against the wall. She had no idea what would happen now, but wild guesses were flying around in her head.

Turning his head casually back towards the woman, he spoke again: "Well, I'm sure there's enough of her to go around."

"We can always share her. I really don't--" his sentence was cut short as Null grabbed the collar of his shirt.

Leaning forward, he spoke directly into the intruder's ear.

To Sebille it seemed like the moment lasted forever; she couldn't hear a word that was being said but the change in the dark man's expression was clear.

Finally, Null stepped back.

The stranger looked at him, his sneer melting off his face, and spoke again; "You're always such a killjoy."

He walked past Null, mumbling something as he passed the assassin.

"It was nice meeting you, little lady. I hope we meet again."

And with that, he walked away just as silently as he had entered.

Sebille exhaled and slid down against the wall.

Her heart had started racing again when Null had entered the scene, and now the built up tension was leaving her body.

"I was so scared... I've never been so scared of anyone in my life..."

Null kneeled in front of her.

"I'm sorry." he spoke quietly, no trace of the earlier hostility left in his voice.

The woman lifted up her chin and looked at the hand that was offed to her. She knew why he was apologizing, but it wasn't his fault. She had chosen to enter this life with him.

Sebille got up onto her knees, clumsily and noisily.

And wrapped her arms around him.

She still didn't know who he was, and she didn't want to, either.

"I don't want to ever meet him again."

" ..."

Null never made promises he wasn't sure he could keep. But Sebille had hoped that he would have. Just this time. Just to put her mind at ease.

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