The hunter was resting his eyes.

He had arrived here three days ago.

And although he had barely spared time for eating...

...or sleeping, he had not seen a sign of his target.

He'd sat still and used up every ounce of his concentration to continually scan the area.

He opened his eyes. He could feel every creature and hear every sound within a five kilometer radius, while still concealing his own aura.

His target had not entered his range in all of three days and nights. If he had, Kilbas would have felt him. And still, he had a hard time believing this.

The demon turned his head to his side, laying his eyes on the creature that had approached him just now.

"Hello!" the little spirit spoke cheerfully.
"Kilbas has been here an awful long time. Are you waiting for a friend?"

Getting straight to the point, the hunter ignored Enki's greeting: "Has the boy walked here lately?"

The entity curled it's bottom lip and frowned at Kilbas' lack of manners.  But he was still happy to answer the hunter, "Boy?"

"The red one that walks here."
"Oh! Red-girly-swirly-dots?"

Kilbas wanted to roll his eyes. Of all the nick names...

Enki crossed his arms and a thoughtful expression took over his little face, "Hmm..."
" ..."
He frowned again and tilted his head, "Hmmmmmmmmm..."

"Enki is not sure." he finally stated matter-of-factly.

Not sure? What kind of an answer was that?

"He did or did not, which is it?" the demon demanded.

Enki frowned again and looked up.

Kilbas felt his temper rise but waited patiently as the spirit concentrated hard on voices he was unable to hear.

"Mr.Tree and his friends are not sure either." the spirit smiled, proud of his achievements.

How could the forest not know who walked in it?

Kilbas turned away, his mind full of new thoughts.

"Is Kilbas sad? Or is he mad?"

This reeked of the Hunter Slayer.

He had done something. Something that helped his target elude his watch, and the eyes of the forest. Was that even possible?

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